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    should A/C be on my required list?

    We just got a PUP this year, and I was surprised at just how quickly it gets JUST SO HOT. Like, the canvas gets so hot you don't want to touch it hot (and we live and camp in Ohio, so similar weather). I would take the A/C over the potty-you can bring a potty chair if needed--also, a queen...
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    Removing the water tank?

    We have a 1994 Cleman Fleetwood Sea Pine Destiny Series. Since we basically never camp anywhere without water available, we have found that we never use the water tank, and are thinking of removing it to allow for extra storage. It appears that the hoses can be disconnected from the tank...
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    Question about amps and adapters

    Hi! We recently purchased a new-to-us 1998 Fleetwood Sea-Pine (Destiny series), and are super excited to go on our first pop-up adventure! One issue...the camper came with a 20 amp plug (and a 30 amp adapter), but the campsite we want to go to has the hookup listed as 50. I read that you can...
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    New Owner! Electrical Question! HELP!

    Hello! We recently bought a new-to-us 1998 Coleman Fleetwood Sea-Pine (Destiny Series), and are very excited to go on our very first pop-up adventure! BUT...we have a 20-amp plug (it came with a 30-amp adapter), and at our first campsite, it is showing the electrical hookup as 50. I have read...

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