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    Need to replace battery...have some questions

    Thank you for the great tips--I never would have thought to take the old battery in with me! Yes, we are using it one last time and then selling it but the battery is shot and I'll likely get an inexpensive one just to sell it.
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    Need to replace battery...have some questions

    We have a 2013 Rockwood PUP that we're taking for one last spin before we sell it My husband asked me to pick up a new battery for it but I forgot to write down the battery info when I dropped it off at our other property. I know these are probably standard batteries but could somebody...
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    2013 Rockwood Freedom 2318G Owners Manual

    This is the exact one that I have and as soon as we pop it up in the next days, I will pull out the manual, scan it and post it for you. :-)
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    Any thoughts on my furnace issue?

    I just discovered that we have a Suburban NT-16SEQ (and NT-20SEQ) installation manual but no user's guide. I'm going to check elsewhere on the forum to see if I can get any additional info but my husband seems to think that we may have not had enough battery power when we tried to get it going...
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    A/C maintenance if hardly ever used?

    Thanks for the suggestions! :)
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    Best camping near Coeur d'Alene?

    We just visited Coeur d'Alene for the first time since we moved to the PNW (Seattle area) on our way through to Yellowstone and fell in love! What we hated was the ugly campground/RV park which backed up to a neighborhood in a shopping area. We know that there must be some beautiful camping...
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    A/C maintenance if hardly ever used?

    I live in the PNW and also happen to have a husband who really dislikes A/C. We bought a used but mint condition 2013 Rockwood 2318G this summer and will not likely use the A/C unless we travel to a very hot climate which we don't have plans to do any time in the future. My question is this--...
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    Any thoughts on my furnace issue?

    We just got home from a week long trip to Yellowstone using our 2013 NTU Rockwood 2318G for the first time other than two weekends where we had hookups and warm weather so didn't need to use the furnace. We stayed in a campground with no hookups and since we don't have a generator, we used the...
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    Has anyone built an outdoor storage spot for PUP? Esp. in PNW???

    Hi! We just got home from a week in Yellowstone with our NTU 2013 Rockwood 2318G which is in EXCELLENT condition. My husband does not want to store it this winter in the garage because our son plays baseball and practices inside the garage when it is wet outside. We have a large shed on our...
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    Thinking about using our PUP for son's baseball tournament this weekend.....

    Thank you all for your 2 [2C]....we followed your advice and did NOT take the PUP. Turned out to be quite a walk to the lot we'd have to park in and it wasn't even that hot!!!
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    Anyone belong to a private resort system?

    Hey there-- We were offered a private campground trial membership at K/M resorts (there are 8 locations in the state of WA). The dealership we bought our used PUP through waives the $1995 enrollment fee and explained that we choose one resort as our 'home' resort which we can stay in at any...
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    Thinking about using our PUP for son's baseball tournament this weekend.....

    Uh oh, amp cord??? I just figured that I might need something to convert the normal big, round plug to a standard 2 prong plug that I figure most generators would accept. Didn't even think about amps or volts or anything. I have never used a generator before and we'd be borrowing one that I...
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    Thinking about using our PUP for son's baseball tournament this weekend.....

    We will be heading to the Little League State tournament this weekend and while it is a reasonable drive from home and we are not staying the night, many parents have expressed concern about having the boys outside all day getting hot and tired before they play at 4 pm (everyone has to be there...
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    To paint or not to paint cabinets???

    We bought a 2013 Rockwood Freedom and it is in really great condition. I have already picked out fabric for the curtains and cushions but long for white cabinets. So, I wanted to ask those of you who have painted your cabinets...should I stick with the ugly wood that's in perfect condition...
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    We are heading to Yellowstone next month and the only two campground options within the park for a PUP are Grant and Bridge Bay. You have to factor in the length of your camper PLUS the TV when booking a site. I'd get those numbers from your family members and call their reservation line at...
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    Seeking WA/OR coastal campground recommendation...

    So we would like to plan a family camping trip for the summer of 2017 and would love to stay on the WA or OR coast. The issue is that one family runs businesses in the Vancouver, WA/Portland,OR area and may need to go back and forth a bit so we'd like to pick a spot within 2 hours of...
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    2013 Forest River Rockwood tent camper manual?

    Got it!!! Didn't realize there was a 'owner's manual' topic elsewhere. As soon as I posted it there, a very kind member gave it to me. This website is awesome!!! [:D]
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    Need brochure for 2013 Rockwood 2318G

    Hi--Just purchased a NTU 2013 Rockwood 2318G in showroom condition. We will not get it for a week or two and my husband has not yet seen it. I'd really love to show him the brochure (as well as see all the specs on this model). Can't find it anywhere on the internet. Does anyone out there...
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    2013 Forest River Rockwood tent camper manual?

    So excited that we just purchased a NTU 2013 Rockwood 2318G today!!! The only problem is that I can't find a brochure for 2013 on the forum or on-line to show my husband who won't see it until it's ready next week. Does anyone have one that they'd be willing to share? Thanks in advance!!! :)...

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