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    Looking for dometic cabana

    I recently bought one that is marketed for r-pods, but it works just fine for a straight awning rail. The product is not cut specifically for a curved roof. It is simply a marketing ploy. In fact, some of the original manuals have pics of the cabanas being used on a pop up. It works great...
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    Adding AC to a PUP??

    Does anyone else worry about the long-term effects a rooftop unit might have on an older pop up’s roof pulley system? I may be worrying about nothing, but I might wind up taking off my rooftop unit and use a dual hose floor unit. I’m aware that my 9,500 btu floor unit will have less cooling...
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    Torqueflex axle lift kit - Anyone install?

    I’ve found that my levelers (not sure this is the right term) can reach the ground, but create a wobble in the camper. The 4x4 pieces definitely add stability. As stated on the Dexter website, some axles won’t work with the riser brackets. Make sure to check your measurements. Have fun...
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    Torqueflex axle lift kit - Anyone install?

    I installed the Dexter spacers (around 2.5in lift) on my #9 axle and have enjoyed the additional ground clearance in my 1991 Jayco 1806. I carry four 6in segments of 4x4 posts that my levelers rest on to accommodate for the additional height.
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    NE Nebraska / SE South Dakota Late July

    We visited Lewis and Clark last summer as well. Busy, but clean and nice. We also went to Ponca State Park in NE Nebraska. Definitely more “out of the way”, and very pretty.
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    Local Eats

    If we’re camping somewhere for more than 3-4 days, we like to eat out once and hit a local place. I.e. family style breakfast at the restaurant in David Crockett State in Lawrenceburg, TN.
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    Which canvas replacement company would everyone recommend ?

    I agree on both points. Seems to be a great product, and it was a bit tricky to install. Watch the installation videos that Bear Creek and others have on YouTube so you know what to expect. AND, I would recommend adding a small touch of some kind lubricant when sliding the tabs (on the bottom...
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    Which canvas replacement company would everyone recommend ?

    Bear Creek did our replacement and we’re very happy with it. They originally told us it might be like 6-9 months, but I think that is standard nowadays. However, because we were flexible with our canvas color, we wound up receiving it within a month. It fits very well and we love it. And we...
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    NOT Attempted propane tank theft (updated title)

    Not worth shooting them over.
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    Spring opening

    My parents are in TX and they have had good luck finding spots for camping, with some searching. Try looking at river authority campgrounds around TX. (They recently visited Lake Texana near Victoria and loved it.)
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    Can my pop up handle a long trip?

    I bought this tire pressure monitoring system for my pup. Not overly expensive and gives me peace of mind that I don't have a leak or a bearing burning up. It measure temperature and pressure.
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    1991 jayco 1206, convert to electric brakes

    I did contact Dexter and they were very thorough and helpful. Looks like they'll be building a new one for me, since it doesn't seem like anyone would have this older, light weight axle in stock.
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    1991 jayco 1206, convert to electric brakes

    Thanks for the advice. I contacted Dexter and they pointed me to one of their suppliers (Redneck Trailers in Tuscumbia, AL). I'm going to storage today to double check all of my measurements and then place an order for an axle with brakes and hubs/drums attached. I'll likely also get a larger...
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    1991 jayco 1206, convert to electric brakes

    Thanks for the reply! This sounds in line with what I've been told (and what I've experienced, after unsuccessfully putting on electric brakes and hubs.) And good luck with your new-to-you Fleetwood.
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    1991 jayco 1206, convert to electric brakes

    Good afternoon, all. I'm hoping for some help in finding what I need to do in order to add electric brakes for my old (new to us) camper. I have already had my TV wired for a 7 blade plug, and have the same on my camper. And I have a brake controller. I'd like to put on electric brakes, but...

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