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    These may be dumb questions! Bubble levelers

    I just got a 2004 Coyote 20C and have thinking about to level it. I have a 10 pk of EZ leveler pads coming; it seems pretty simple, but I have one question. I just saw a video of a guy using similar pads with a dual axle trailer. He just backed the rear tire onto the pads. I have been...
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    Need Owners Manual for KZ 2004 20C

    Does anyone know where I can download this manual? Any help appreciated. D
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    Need Brake Controller Assistance

    I just purchased a 2004 EZ Coyote 20C; my TV is a 2005 v6 Toyoda Four Runner. We hooked it up for a test tow and it did fine w/o WDC nor Sway Bar nor Brake Controller. The trailer hooked up and towed level and the TV did not "squat". The dealer maintains I do not particularly need WDC but does...
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    Help needed TV for KZ Coyote 20C

    I am going tomorrow to look at a 2004 KZ 20C Hybrid. I will trade in my 2002 Coleman Sedona. I have a 6 cyl Toyoda Four Runner 2WD ; will my Four Runner pull this camper OK. If so, will I need sway bars or other add-on's. Any advice much appreciated Don
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    Need Advice

    sg1215 What type drill do you use to raise the roof and have you have any issues with this method? D
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    Need Advice

    I have a 2002 Coleman Sedona PU; I'm not getting any younger (or skinnier) and are considering replacing my manual swing out stab's with Bal screw down type. I was reading about these stab's and the comment was made that you don't really need the front stab's. I need advice on is this true and...
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    Power Consumption

    I will set up my 2005 Sedona at my hunting club for the next 2 1/2 months. My camper does not have a furnace but has a heat strip in the a.c. I will run the a.c. heat strip & fan, lights, tv, dvd player and bi-pap and maybe a elec heater if real cold. There is no 30 amp like campgrounds and I...
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    Tarp Over A.C?

    I plan on taking my PU to my hunting club during the up-coming deer season; we have elec at the club and I plan on using the heat strip in the A.C. for heat. The PU will be parked under trees; my homemade gizmos will protect the bunkends. I am thinking about putting a tarp over the roof...
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    TIP: another use for awning poles

    I just use the bristle end of my PU broom. D
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    How To Sleep Warmer w/o Electricity

    Great tips. Add Pee before you turn in.. You will waste body heat heating a full bladder plus its a bummer having to get up in the cold to pee. D
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    Just bought a TV Tuner for my laptop

    Would someone using BlazeTV be willing to "share" the software with me. If, please PM me. Thanks, D
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    Fridge fans w/pic

    Nice mod. How do you wire them? Is there a hemostat, timer, etc. or do they run until you turn them off or unplug them? Thanks for any help. Don
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    Just bought a TV Tuner for my laptop

    I have this tuner on the way; plan on using it with my laptop in my PU. I have read many posts complaining of the bundled software and are looking for a better choice. I have found BlazeVideo Blaze Video HDTV Player 3.5. Is this the BlazeTV you guys are referring to? If possible, please...
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    Set up the PU, leveled the PU with tongue jack for frount/back level and side to side level was prefect so did not have use the BAL. Raised PU and then went to lower the stabilizers. The back stabilizers went down fine, but there were not enough clearance for the front stabilizers to fold...
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    Charging Cell Phone

    I have a question about charging cell phones from camp ground power. On a tent camping trip to CG my cell phone seemingly crapped out after charging from the charger plugged into a power strip plugged into the CG power (it crapped out, but I'm not 100% sure that's what did it). A few weeks...
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    Springly Floor

    I have noticed that when I walk around inside our N2U 2002 Coleman Sedona that the floor feels "springly" in places (I'm kinda heavy, DW has no problem). Does anyone have experience in adding additional bracing for the floor under the camper? Thanks, Don
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    Inverter Question

    I always get a Inverter and converter confused. is it normal for the converter fan to run like this? Is it a sing than I will be having converter problems?
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    Inverter Question

    Set up my N2M 2002 Sedona this week; this new PU has air and my old one did not. I noticed when I cut the air off before bed, the inverter makes a noise like something is running (fan?) for 15-20 mins after the air is turned off. It may have run all the time the air is on, but I'm unable to...
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    Zipper Sprung

    Set up my 2002 Coleman Sedona this week at a FL CG and found that the zipper that connects the small bunk compartment to the center canvas is pulled apart. The zipper pull is at the top, but the zipper is apart and the zipper pull will not pull down and mesh the zipper together. I do not want...
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    Bunk Slide Rail

    When we set up our new2us 2004 Sedona on our first trip I noticed a little pile of powered aluminum on top of the door side cabinet just under the slide rail. The bunk slid out fine during setup and slide in fine during breakdown. What caused this little pile of powdered aluminum? Also, I read...

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