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    In July we camped at Great Smoky Jellystone, about 20 minutes outside Gatlinburg. We plan to return to Gatlinburg in May, and we are wondering if there is a campground that A) is a little closer to town/ the park entrance (our son want to hike & play mini golf!) B) has paved roads for bike...
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    Geneva-on-the-Lake SP, OH

    Thanks, TrailManor Man!!
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    Chilly Nights with the Young'uns?

    We've camped our fair share of chilly nights, in a tent, even! Warm pajamas, a zero degree sleeping bag, and a few extra blankets work well. For our son, he always wears footie pajamas, and when it's really chilly, we layer up with socks and long sleeves underneath. The kids could always snuggle...
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    Geneva-on-the-Lake SP, OH

    Has anyone camped, recently, at Geneva on the Lake State Park in Ohio? We have a family reunion near there in late July for a few days. The website makes it look very nice, but I'd love to hear some first hand experience! We love state parks, but do prefer electricity, especially in July :)...
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    Getting kids to sleep through the night in the camper

    Too much activity while camping = middle of the night leg cramps for our kid = screaming sessions. I learned that a little Tylenol the first (and maybe) second night cut out the screaming. And it was always the next morning when our three year old would say, "my legs hurted," never while he was...
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    Camping with 3 year olds

    Our local dollar store sells giant glow sticks; think 2' long. They last all night and are great for special bedtime "treats." Plus it alleviates any fear of the dark. Melissa and Doug makes a great magnifying glass for around $5 that is unreadable and pretty big. It's wonderful for small hands...
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    Toddlers and naps..

    Our kiddo has a sleep disorder, but sleeps better camping than anywhere else! I think it's all the fresh air and hard play. For naps, we did the whole routine: pajamas, milk, stories, stuffed animals, etc. I (usually) would lay down with him. He rarely fought sleep at naptime while camping, and...
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    Hey, a friendly FYI...we pulled a tick off of our dog this evening. If you haven't already, check your furry friends [:(O]
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    The joy of a three year old son...he made a game of chucking them all into the woods :)
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    We had site 319, and it was in a bit of a valley, so the wind blew over us, for the most part. But a lot of space and fairly level!
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    Yes, the tow truck was a real downer, but we got there AND home safely. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet everyone; we're hoping to try for a warmer rally :) But the food and company yesterday at the pitch in were excellent, and I enjoyed talking to everyone I *did* meet!! And Lynn, you should...
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    We are hooking up and hitting the road from just south of Indy! Should be there early afternoon!!!! FYI, the pickle factory is part of the outlet mall :)
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    We hope to be on the road by 10 am tomorrow, and arrive before 2!! Can't wait to meet everyone!
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    Very rarely is Yuengling found in Indiana :(
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    Quite possibly the best camper ever!!

    That is awesome :). Thanks for sharing!!
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    Congratulations, Rhino!! What a gorgeous little guy!
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    We signed unto hand out candy. My kiddo picked out fruit snacks and cheese balls :). My mom is staying at the lodge, and my brother and his famil in the 400 loop. They are contributing candy to our stash, too, so we should be good at our site!!
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    Best OH/KY/IN Campgrounds for Peace and Quiet

    We stayed at Patoka Lake CG in southern Indiana in July this year. Even over the non-holiday weekend, the place was practically empty. However, most Indiana schools have switched to basically a year round calendar, so we were there the week and weekend before school started. Beautiful, very...
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    We have a card table, corn hole set, ladder golf game (aka hillbilly golf) and a screen shelter we can bring. We plan to arrive Friday around 2.
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    2013 - Midwest Halloween Rally

    FYI...I just received the September Oriental Trading catalog. TONS of Halloween decorations and handouts (think hundreds of cg trick or treaters) for great prices. They also have a website. Those of you already planning things might want to take a look :)

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