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    Mod Idea . . . Anyone tried this?

    I haven't pursued the idea beyond the initial thinking. However, I think I will soon be doing a lot of repairs or a rebuild of the PUP (assuming I keep her and don't replace). If/When I do the repairs/rebuild, I'm definitely going to figure out a good way to give room for thicker mattresses...
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    Who uses trailer showers over the campground facilities?

    We have never used the shower in the PUP and have very rarely used the toilet. As a matter of fact, I am considering removal of both soon.
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    Air conditioning condensation leaking into camper

    Did you take the cover off while it was running and leaking? If its like mine, after it runs for a bit in hot humidity, I can see the water blowing around in the unit if it's not properly leveled. [2C]
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    Tow Vehicle Battery Dieing at the Park?

    Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep a set of jumper cables handy (I always do anyway) and start it up every now and then. Worst comes to worst, you could steal the battery from your PUP to crank the truck in an emergency. I did that once when my battery gave out on a trip. It got...
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    Air conditioning condensation leaking into camper

    I have the same issue. My rooftop unit is a Carrier unit. I have found that it is very picky on being level. If the PUP isn't perfectly level, then when the A/C builds up condensation inside, it "splashes" into the vent and eventually runs over into the PUP. I can look up through the filters...
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    I think a rebuild is in order.

    Thanks for the replies and ideas. I'll certainly do a thread on here if/when I start the project. I am leaning toward doing this project for a couple reasons. First, I love the PUP and would love to have the opportunity to do the mods that I would like and end up with the "perfect for me"...
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    I think a rebuild is in order.

    My PUP is showing her age and the effects of the humid southern climate. I already had to replace a section of the floor and now another spot is getting pretty soft. I also have several wall sections that have come loose from the floor & I suspect that rot is part of the culprit. The...
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    Every stay super close to home?

    We frequent our local State Park (Fontainebleau State Park). It is only about 20-30 from home. We'll be there the 4th of July weekend, for example. There are 4 other State Parks within an hour or so of home. Between these 4 we spend most of our camping. When you can usually only go on...
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    Do you use a dining tent?

    I have an EZ-up that we put over the picnic table. It works great if there is not enough shade or if we're concerned with stuff falling out of the trees. I'm considering getting a 2nd one just for additional shade. I, also, have a hexagon screen tent that we use if there are bug issues. It...
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    Camping Chair Suggestions

    I have 5 of these (or very similar ones), from Academy: We used to use bag chairs, but found that we were replacing them often because they just didn't hold up. We've had these a couple years and they seem to be holding up good. They fold flat; so they're easy to stack and transport; plus...
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    Where to Pop Up Camp at the Beach

    I'm thinking it is just the "resort" type campgrounds which are more set up for large MHs and TTs. I haven't run into too many other types that limit PUPs.
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    This will rot your socks.

    Nice choice of car!! I'm currently working on restoring a '66 Mustang (289ci/3 sp auto). Also have a '72 waiting in line. I have a Facebook Page following the restoration (slow going). PM me if you want a link to it (Cooldad's Mustang Restorations).
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    Where to Pop Up Camp at the Beach

    Gulf State Park - Orange Beach / GulfShores, Alabama It is very convenient to the beach (walking distance or short drive); but, not camping on the beach. They have their own beach area with a large pavilion. Other amenities: Pool Tennis Courts Hiking/Biking Trails Geocaching (day & night...
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    How do you know what setting to put Brake Controller at?

    Here are the instructions from my Tekonsha Primus: Adjusting the Power to the Trailer Brakes (Prior to setting Boost) Once the control has been securely mounted within the 0 to 70-degree range, it is necessary to set the power needed to stop the trailer during a braking event. 1. Connect...
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    How do you know what setting to put Brake Controller at?

    The first time and periodically, I set mine as follows: Pulled the trailer and stopped repeatedly for a few minutes bit to get it warmed up. Once the trailer brakes were warmed up, I drove about 10-15 miles an hour and then adjusted the setting I set mine where when using the manual engage...
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    Popup Portal Flag

    I ordered my Popup Portal Flag last week and am anxious to get it before our next trip (July). Thanks Popup Portal for offering this for us. I'm hoping it will be a good conversation starter and point more locals to the portal.
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    A little Thursday morning humor...

    Yep, still funny on Friday morning. [LOL]
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    liar ! liar ! pants on fire !

    I would be a little upset if I called and said that I was on the way or made an appointment and then someone sold it before I got there. More so if I was actually in transit. Not as much if they let me know before I left home. I bought a car, recently, from craigslist. When I went to see it...
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    What do you do with your laptops while away from camp?

    It stays on my desk at home. [;)] [LOL] [;)] But seriously, when on occasion it comes with us I have a Kinsington Lock (see below). It gets locked to something sturdy in the PUP with that. I have, occasionally, locked it in the TV too.
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    bed lay out qiestion

    One thought would be the assumption that the bigger bed would be heavier and would likely carry more weight when in use. By putting it in the front (above the tongue jack) the extra weight would be better supported. It would also help to avoid "tip ups" if the stabilizers were not down.

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