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    Towing nightmare!!!

    Clearly, I unknowingly opened a Pandora's box, writing this post! I certainly didn't plan to do anything harmful or illegal I was more interested in people's experiences with Foresters, and INFORMED discussion on why tow limits vary so much from here/UK/Europe. Thus far, I have borrowed a...
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    Towing nightmare!!!

    I didn't realize there had been so much activity/ response to my question!! I'm enjoying them all at the moment......
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    Towing nightmare!!!

    I have wracked my brain around the towing numbers, GVWR, tongue weight, etc etc. And I CANNOT seem to get any straight answers anywhere! I have a 2016 Subaru Forester, rated to 1500 lbs towing (US). Which, by the way, is less than it's rated in EVERY SINGLE other country!! Owner's manual...
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    awning: am I missing something obvious?

    I have a 95 Jayco 1006, and have not figured out all these poles!! Most I believe are for the awning (striped bag awning you see on so many of these!), but have no clue how to use them/assemble them. Nor, do I know what the larger-bore white ones are for, or the hooked aluminum ones. Help...
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    Screen room inquiry

    For those who don't use an attached screen room, do you prefer the pop up style (kind of like a tent) to put to the side? Possibly for bug free meals? Or are there shade panels that can be added to the sides of the awning for both privacy and temp reduction? I have a Jayco 1995 pup. Thanks!!
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    Lazy Woman's Shelf Mod For a Tiny Trailer

    I know this is an old post, but the photos don't show up? Any way you can post them again? Thanks!!
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    Can't even FIND the water tank??!

    Thanks...... is there an easy way to access it, to check that it's water tight? When I hooked it up to my hose, I didn't seem to have enough suction to use the pump sink?
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    Can't even FIND the water tank??!

    I just purchased a vintage (1995) Jayco pop up, and am trying my best to figure it out. The manual is as ancient as the trailer (!), and not particularly helpful. I see the water hookup fitting on the outside, but it seems to go nowhere?? I think the original owners may have taken the tank...

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