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  1. ThroughLiner

    Badlands Boondockin'

    Noted. Will introduce the kids to those games! Before we were married, my DW and I drove 6,000 miles together (Alaska to Virginia). Somewhere in the Yukon she says: "OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE TO TALK TO ME ON THIS DRIVE!!!" I was like: "I'm driving... what is there to talk about?" Needless to say...
  2. ThroughLiner

    Badlands Boondockin'

    Ah yes. We're pretty used to the long dusty trek to find great spots! In talking with my DW we're realizing that we may have more flexibility in our schedule than we realized... so we may try to head out Friday morning and get there early afternoon that day. Your map is pretty close to our...
  3. ThroughLiner

    Badlands Boondockin'

    @PopUpSteve I had seen your post about Sage Creek. Looks really nice! Love the bison shot! I'm trying to decide if we want to bother entering the park proper. It also looks like that CG is a bit of a haul for just a one-night stopover. We're coming from CO and heading to MN, so that area of the...
  4. ThroughLiner

    Badlands Boondockin'

    Hey Friends, We're headed through the badlands area in about a week for two one-night stopovers. We're enroute to/from a family reunion in MN. I'd like to boondock in the Nebraska National Forest outside Badlands National Park. I've done a good bit of online sleuthing and have some pins and...
  5. ThroughLiner

    Locking Aliner When Folded Down

    Another approach would be to put "Security Camera in Use" stickers on it and/or stick some fake cameras on the outside. This kinda thing: Would-be burglars/vandalizers may understand that security cameras can support facial recognition and be internet-linked to upload recordings in...
  6. ThroughLiner

    Memorial Weekend.. Let see those camping pics

    We normally avoid holiday weekends like the plague... but with rain in the forecast one of our local boondock spots was pretty sparse.
  7. ThroughLiner

    Best 120v Water Transfer Pump?

    Sounds very similar to my approach. I am going to put in a 12v SAE female plug near the water fill port, and add a male SAE plug to the 12v motor so I can just plug it in when needed for filling... and I'll have a backup pump for the PUP if the existing one ever dies.
  8. ThroughLiner


    We have a small fan-driven trap with a UV light to attract them. Similar in concept to a bug "zapper" but it just traps them until they die (instead of electrocuting them). Works pretty well. Not very noisy. If the light is an issue you could put it in a mostly-closed cabinet or something. This...
  9. ThroughLiner

    Best 120v Water Transfer Pump?

    Thanks for reporting back! I ended up getting the SeaFlo 12v (in addition to a drill pump just to mess around with it / have it on-hand for an emergency). Thanks all!
  10. ThroughLiner

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome from Colorado! I grew up in SE Michigan....
  11. ThroughLiner

    Best 120v Water Transfer Pump?

    @Grandpa Don thanks for the video link! Cool set-up. I think I will end up with something very similar at the end of the day--though not quite as portable since we're just trying to go from jug to camper. @GalsofEscape the portable shower pump is another good idea! Thanks. @theseus taking a...
  12. ThroughLiner

    Best 120v Water Transfer Pump?

    Thanks, everyone for the suggestions. @TSQ and @Dnodoz appreciate the specific links! Will investigate. @PopUpSteve would definitely love a report on if the water has any off tastes. Thanks! (I'll almost certainly buy a drill pump anyway just because... it seems like such a smart piece of...
  13. ThroughLiner

    Best 120v Water Transfer Pump?

    Interesting! I can't believe I didn't know about drill pumps... but that makes a ton of sense. I also always have a drill along. Do you notice any effect on how the water tastes after it goes through the pump? Thanks!
  14. ThroughLiner

    Best 120v Water Transfer Pump?

    Hello Friends: We typically boondock, and bring water jugs for drinking, washing, etc. If temps will stay above freezing, we will also fill the camper's tank... but we stay out long enough that we usually go through that and then refill from jugs. Traditionally, I've just siphoned from the jugs...
  15. ThroughLiner

    Made it through the winter in Michigan!

    Impressive! Looks like a hoot.
  16. ThroughLiner

    Command Heatpump AC in Aliner Ranger 12 inadequate

    Yeah, you'd definitely need to vent an evaporative cooler. Depending on interior layout, one of the portable units could maybe work (they come with a flexible duct that could be routed to the exterior). There are also window units, but they often have a pretty bulky exterior component that you...
  17. ThroughLiner

    Command Heatpump AC in Aliner Ranger 12 inadequate

    Not sure where OP tends to camp but an evaporative cooler (a/k/a "swamp cooler") may be an option. It uses a good bit of water... but way less power than A/C. It's only effective in low-humidity environments, however, so not suitable for the southeast.
  18. ThroughLiner

    Command Heatpump AC in Aliner Ranger 12 inadequate

    Different problem, but my wife and I were up in the Colorado mountains in December. The heat was mostly keeping up… But as it got windy, I realized that the gaskets between the side panels and the roof of the dormers had major gaps. I have since closed them off, But you might get a lot more...
  19. ThroughLiner

    How not to start your first camping trip/experience

    Wow. I thought this was satire as well until I got deep enough into it. Hard to imagine a more inept way to explore "van life"... but as others have said, hopefully it keeps a few more Sprinters on the dealer lots (instead of in my camp spots!)
  20. ThroughLiner

    Welp, won't be long...

    Wow. Good way to get a visual inspection of one's intestines...

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