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    What is the fabric on my popup?

    We owned our 2002 Viking PUP for over 9 yrs. I used Simple Green for stains and it worked great. Our dealer used diluted Purple Power to clean all their RV’s including PUP. No need to waterproof. Hope this helps.
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    What was your first camper you had?

    This was what started it all. My parents had a 1973 Steury pop up. There were 7 of us at the time. Had the double dinette unit. Many fond memories and travels. Fast forward, my husband and I bought a 2002 Viking Legends in 2002 with all the bells and whistles. Loved it for so many years. We...
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    AC doesn't cool unit is that normal?

    Glad you got your A/C fixed. Another suggestion would be to use bunk end covers like these: We used them on our Viking and it made it much cooler. Hope this helps.
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    19” TV at Stein Mart for $59.98

    Just got an email today from Stein Mart. If you have s Stein Mart nearby and want a travel TV for your PUP. Runs off of both A/C and DC. Great packable size.
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    RLS anybody own one?

    We had 2 over the past few years. Both were Jayco’s a 2011 26RLS and an 2014 Eagle 298RLDS. Loved them both but traded for the larger one for larger sofa sleeper for DD and more storage. Loved being able to back in and have the large window with a view. Also loved the recliners by the windows.
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    New York newbie

    Check out this video. He eventually shows the inside of the PUP. Hope it helps.
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    Used 2006 Viking Epic 2308 ST

    There should be a sticker near the crank access if the recall lift system has been fixed if it has the IDT system. One thing I noticed from Craigslist pictures there are no batteries or propane tanks. You should ask about them also.
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    Sakatah State Park, MN

    Enjoy your weekend. This is one my niece's favorite places. If I remember correctly last year it was underwater. This year I will miss my yearly camping trip to Mankato due to my DD sports. Hopefully next year I will be up there.
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    Arizona State Park Star Party nights

    We have attended several of the state sponsored star parties. We have always liked them. Enjoy Kartchner, we enjoy the park. Make sure if you plan on a cave tour you book it early. They sell out fast. Enjoy.
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    Considering upgrading the TV to a Sequoia

    We have a 2002 Sequoia with 110K miles on it. It has been a great vehicle. We pulled the PUP coast to coast with it. We have had no issues with it. We do keep up on the maintenance of the vehicle. It is my daily driver and I love it. We have at least 5 sequoias in our neighborhood. So they are...
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    Home made cake mix

    I have used this recipe before and it is very good. I keep one available in a jar at all times. Hope this helps
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    Viking owners

    We camped in our Viking in MN a few times does that count? LOL [:D]
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    Clueless, weird tent neighbors and their thieving toddler

    Some people just don't have a clue. They just have no boundaries. Hopefully your next one will go smoother.
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    Our little family of ten just bought our first pop-up!!!

    Welcome from a fellow Arizonian. I grew up with 8 of us in a 1974 Stuery Popup. Many great memories. Loved it. Enjoy and congrats on the NTU PUP.
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    2012 Coachmen 109 LS Feedback needed

    Is this the dealer at the show? It does look like there is wiggle room from the $5,995. We had a 2002 Viking, same manufacturer at Coachmen. It was a great PUP, no issues, and towed it over...
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    Pop-up camping in Vegas?

    If you don't want to be on the strip, we have stayed at Lakeside RV Park and Casino. It is about an hour west of Las Vegas. They also have full hookups and a little lake in the center along with other amenities. We have seen many PUPs there in the past. Here is their website...
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    Pop-up camping in Vegas?

    If you want to be on the strip, Circus Circus has a KOA located onsite. They are full hookups only. The rate is $51 a night for 2 adults, no pets, but if you have AAA or Good Sam you get a 10% discount on the rate. You can reserve a site and PUPs are allowed there. Yes you will need A/C and...
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    U channels or safety channels.

    We did the same thing. We also a 2 checklists for bringing items. We had one for dry camping or boondocking and one for if we had hookups. They came in handy several times. Enjoy your PUP.
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    U channels or safety channels.

    Just an FYI. Our 2002 Viking came with the U channels or safety channels. We would put them on diagonal corners. That way there is no chance of the roof coming down. Our unit had storage bin on the rear bumper. Some people made their own storage bins with large PVC pipe attached to the rear...
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    2003 Viking Epic 1906 owner with some general popup questions.

    Congrats on the NTU PUP. We loved our 2002 Viking. We had it for over 9 yrs and traveled over 60,000 with it in tow. You are correct there were support poles of all the bunks, but like stated above you could make them with conduit pieces. Price them out with Viking. Hopefully Connie is still...

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