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    Suburban NT-20SE will not ignite

    Have you tried operating any other Propane device in or on the Camper ?? Could it be that the Regulator has gone bad ? Can you disconnect the Propane line after the regulator and before the heater and try to blow air thru the line ?
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    Total Conversion Project - 1998 Coleman Sea Pine

    What a great job your doing. I'm following. Before you close off the back end...... Have you thought about a fold out addition ?? Was any of the original Canvas salvageable ? Know where I'm going ?? Instead of another slide out, which you've already explained that there won't be, make it a...
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I chose to go Pop up for a couple reasons. #1 Where to park your RV. In my Backyard, of course. I have enough room and the ability to tow it in and set it up. #2 I have a 2001 Jayco "Qwest" 8u. Sleeps 6. Propane Heat. AC is a R2D2 portable. I don't plan on Camping in the heat of the...
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    Adding AC to a PUP??

    Will the roof support your decision? I have an older Jayco Qwest that has a ceiling vent. Took it out and found that the roof frame was just 3/4” material. I backed off on a roof unit. Bought pup used and seller included a stand up portable AC unit. I plan to plumb AC discharge out the...
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    Lift Modification

    SON of a B.. What a great idea. I'd have to find a welder tho. That would make access to Battery REAL easy. 30# tank would probably fit on a horizontal mount. I'll have to look into height of that tank. Maybe it can go vertical. Make it easier to refill. Angles on PUP, front and back, will...
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    Lift Modification

    Ehhhhh. No. Thought of that. The Female part of the socket would get MORE wallowed out. It's already a loose fit. Crank/winch lift system is in good shape. Leave it that way. Socket Genie is in the mail. Storage; The PUP does not need much. I would like to put the Canopy poles in my...
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    Lift Modification

    I've stared at that bumper so many times. Ammo boxes is a great idea. Fabricate something for two scissor/stabilizer jacks and a bike rack. Thanks
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    Lift Modification

    PERFECT. !!! I’ll investigate I’ve seen a video where someone designed a string “gauge” with similar equipment to raise their top. They also stated that they set it up to give the lift the last couple cranks. Thanks
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    Lift Modification

    Did you leave the rack on the roof when PUP was opened ? I’m looking for ideas for a permanent storage solution. But I must get by the manual lift situation.
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    Lift Modification

    Hello all. I've got a 02 Jayco Qwest 8u. Manual crank to lift and lower. Located up front just behind the jack. Square into square on right. Ratchet winch device. Basics on the A up front. Room for 1 Propane tank and a Battery. If I need to store something specific for the camper i need...
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    Less than $3000

    Ditto on the time of the year. I'm in SE Virginia. Surrounded by Military. I picked up a Jayco Qwest 8U for 3K in October of last year. Owner was set to Deploy for a year. Floor was solid. Canvas was tight. Nothing visible to grumble about. Came with portable AC and a "Dorm" fridge. Tires, new...
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    Clean up - outside

    So....... One day i decided to clean my Jayco Qwest. I'm probably fourth, fifth owner. Googled cleaners. Amazon of course. Send it to me, I'll try it. Well..... Bought the least expensive and was not impressed. Bought another brand and WOW. I was impressed. All the deep down dirt and...
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    Lift arm repair?

    Are "latch clamps" adjustable ?
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    Help Jayco square plug nightmare!!

    Jayco qwest 8U is what I have. Had to replace brake/turn lamps. Originals were rusted out. Did take a multimeter and an extension cord to "pin out" wires. Extension cord was used as an "extension cord" with a couple of spring loaded alligator clips. One person repair work. Mine has a seven pin...
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    I finally got solar

    Post results please. Thinking of doing the same.
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    Fresh coat of paint.

    Same here. I'd like to see pictures also. Before also?
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    Fresh coat of paint.

    Why the “ need” for the Grizzly Grip product ? Extra added coating ?? I’ve got, actuality had, a leak and slapped a piece of some super sealant tape on it. I now have a lifetime supply of that product. I am going to coat the roof with a elastomeric coating I can purchase at Hopeless Despot...
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    Fresh coat of paint.

    Post pictures as you go along. Would like to know what was used on the roof Good luck
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    Fresh coat of paint.

    That's AWESOME !! Paint on the wood ?? Please tell me what and how.. Everything in the before looks similar. Including the Washer and Dryer. LoL. But y'all did a fantastic job . WoW !! Refrigerator.... What model and from Whom ?? 12V & 120 ??
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    What Items Do You Have Multiples Of (At Home & On The Road)

    For what reason ? Three ?? I would understand one and a 12v test lamp. But,I only have a JaycoQwest pop up. Not much to it. TV’s fairly new. I’m just asking

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