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    wiring to a battery to run interior

    Used camper?? Assume nothing, verify!
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    Wiring hints

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    TV Transmission Question

    Starting to.
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    Ford Explorer

    I currently have 5 different units sitting waiting on engines, everyone torn apart with photos for warranty . Pistons gone, holes in the block, most with under 5K. If you're a tech and on facebook join the Ford tech page, answer the questions and you get to read the horror stories. Focus...
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    TV Tire Pondering

    They come from the factory that way. It's a standard tire for trucks and OKed by the Feds
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    Ford Explorer

    Across the board everything that Ford makes anymore is blowing up. Been with Ford for 35 years, 30 at this dealer. I bought a 17 Ram
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    unused bunk end, does anyone do anything special with it

    I've had 10 guitars and mandolins stashed in mine at one music fest
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    Rusty trailer needs repairs. How does the camper come off?

    I have personal experience here, I took apart a 93 Destiny a few years ago. I'll be brutally honest, chances are that there will be so many rusted and rotted parts that it wont come apart any where close to how it was put together and you may end up with a frame only
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    Tongue weight

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    Van Suspension Enhancement for low back end

    Putting bags on a 450 towing a 5er is a whole lot different than towing a bumper pull. Bags on a bumper pull add to the fulcrum, thus transferring the weight off the front wheels. A 5ers tongue weight is dead on top of the springs, no fulcrum effect.
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    Upgrading wheel and tire size

    Passenger tires are not designed for campers, you want ST tires for a camper
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    Truck bed storage is coming along

    Holder for the BAL leveler
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    Winter Storm in Massachusetts

    SE PA here, no power since Friday, not due back on til Friday morning
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    Fire Question

    Quite a bit lower on the density scale than most oaks, closer to the pine range. Nice wood for outdoors
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    Truck bed storage is coming along

    Sealed it and reinstalled it, working on the tops and a few other items. Has to come out one more time
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    Weight Distribution Hitch

    In 35 years as a dealer tech I've never seen any warranty voided due to towing. You first stated it was #3500, then you said under #3500, if you're that close, get one. These will squat quite a bit.
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    Jack Stand Question

    2 in front and 2 in back of the springs?? I'd never crawl under that, too close, no stability. You want the widest stance possible

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