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    The Last 3 Coleman Roofs

    I'm guessing someone shared this already. But popupparts just unboxed the last 3 coleman roofs they have. Crazy.
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    120v / 12v Rabbit Hole

    In my experience, every time I think the fridge is "doing nothing" it's because I didn't give it enough time. Easy enough to trouble shoot though. Even if it's not getting cold, you should feel serious heat on the tubes if the heating element working.
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    Brakes. Driving correctly

    An EV often uses regen braking so effectively using engine braking. And what is this input shaft disengage you speak of? What model transmission? Wiki link?
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    Toilet repair on Fleetwood 2008 Niagara

    I had a post on mine recently. Sealand toilet. Someone posted the full breakdown and all parts in my post.
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    Brakes. Driving correctly

    ALWAYS use engine braking. Keep those brakes cool. Far safer and far easier over all on the mechanicals.
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    If you've never done this, you're probably lying. :)

    Nearly did that in the old Coleman. The Niagara is 4000#. I can jump on the rear pumper and nothing happens.
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    My little 8' coleman with the 12" tires was the worst handling of any trailer I have ever towed. Crazy porpoising and moderate sway. I'd definitely add friction sway to it or a light duty weight distro hitch to control both.
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    Everything else so expensive

    What about an old quicksilver popout?
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    Otter Creek Campground - Airville, PA

    I'm not a camping resort type person, but I have a friend that camps here all the time and it's their favorite campground. They have travelled a good bit so I suspect it's a very nice spot. Edit. Sorry I'm trying to delete this but I see no delete option any more. The place they go to is...
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    Roof seam sealing

    I'm confused as well. not much need for either with an ABS roof. But dicor is great stuff and I see no need for eternabond at all if the dicor was applied correctly.
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    Domestic 3 way fridge questions

    When I had the last camper I used a 200mm case fan mounted up in the exhaust vent area. Dead silent, moved a ton of air, while also being less restrictive when not running then small case fans. I have yet to do this to the new fridge but I need to. The new fridge already has built in fans...
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    I'm being lazy, anyone know the model toilet in the Fleetwood highwall Niagara?

    Thanks for those pictures! I'll tear it all down next week!
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    I'm being lazy, anyone know the model toilet in the Fleetwood highwall Niagara?

    It is a sealand. The ball is sticking open and not 100% sealing. Worked fine last fall. But not so much now. I can't do anything with it now beyond greasing the heck out of the exposed seal with plumbers grease as we leave tomorrow for a weekender. Doing that helped slightly, but it's...
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    I'm being lazy, anyone know the model toilet in the Fleetwood highwall Niagara?

    Hahahaha!! I deserved that. I usually don't ask until I've done 20 hours of research. Which means a lot of questions I ask go unanswered because nobody else knows either!
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    I'm being lazy, anyone know the model toilet in the Fleetwood highwall Niagara?

    Title says it. the seal is leaking and needs to be serviced. Not sure where to find the model number on the toilet or what for parts and/or manual. Thanks!
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    Was I suckered in?

    So you had a 3 way fridge and left it on 12v. That has no comparison at all to a modern 12v compressor based fridge which uses a fraction of the amperage. This trend will continue. Campgrounds more and more at least have electric and campgrounds is where most people camp. How many threads...
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    Do you need electric brakes?

    My personal approach on this was that adding brakes was less than my insurance deductible.
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    Was I suckered in?

    My friends just bought a new TT with a pretty large 12v fridge. Single battery and two 100w panels. No issue over 4 days of camping. Battery was fully topped up at the end of the day. You can also find another spot for a second battery. Under a bench or something with a battery kit to vent...

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