1. Tarkus

    Coleman ABS Roof replaced w/STEEL & other oddities

    Greetings everyone. After lurking here for a few days and seeing just how dynamic this forum really is, I decided to post my roof and floor fixes to share with folks. I have a 1998 Destiny Series 12' Coleman/Fleetwood Model 3281 Natchez with the dreaded saggy ABS roof. I purchased this popup in...
  2. Hotdoggin

    Coleman ABS roof sag

    Hello. Attempting to do unistrut brace to help fix roof sag. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Used a jack to push up the brace while drilling holes and installing bolts. When I left jack down it’s not even touching the roof on the ends. Put all 4 up and it does help the middle but I...
  3. Hotdoggin

    Sagging ABS roof, internal bracing questions

    Brand new to PUPS sooo Recently purchased a 96 Coleman/fleetwood Santa Fe. The exterior of the roof has been redone with some sort of bed liner. There is a sag around where the AC used to be. We are doing the internal brace with the unistrut/ super strut. I got the side to sides (door to...
  4. P

    1997 Coleman GrandviewSP roof repair

    I know there are lots of folks that had issues with the ABS roof for this manufacturing run (I think they only did ABS for 3 years?). I am tired of gorilla tape and grizzly grip patches so I am taking all the ABS off as it has cracked down to the awning line and the rubber gasket in some...
  5. Shoop

    Coleman abs roof repair

    Can someone tell me if these cracks need to be filled? I was going to use G flex 2 part epoxy, grizzly grip and fiberglass tape. Has anyone had experience with this?
  6. Adriane H.

    Wanted: 1988 Coleman Sequoia Rear ABS Panel & Canvas

    Hello! Someone backed into my '88 Sequoia and the ABS rear panel is badly damaged. Looking for a replacement panel OR advice on other options to replace the broken panel. ALSO looking for used '88 Sequoia canvas panels (ANY) as we experienced mice damage. :-( Adriane in PA
  7. Mycamperpopsup

    My top is peeling off

    My abs top is starting to crack and peel off so I've begun the process of removing it. My question is what the best way to re install the awning? Is drilling holes my only option?
  8. G

    Coleman sagging roof brace help

    I've gotten some great help here in the past reading threads and I got a lot of encouragement and good advice when I tore the rotten front box off our 1997 Coleman Sun Ridge and rebuilt the front wall. Well, I'm hoping people will be willing to chime in again and help me with their expertise...
  9. ABJohnson

    2001 Coleman Mesa ABS Ceiling Delamination

    I purchased a 2001 Coleman Mesa a year and a half ago. The previous owner had fixed a leaky roof, replaced some of the interior countertops, and coated the roof with some type of coating that seems to be holding up to the Mississippi sun and heat. My issue is that that a portion of the abs(?)...
  10. G

    ABS Roof Replacement

    We are starting our roof replacement project on our 1998 Coleman Fleetwood Bayside. We purchased this pop up camper about ten months ago and were aware of the ABS issues prior to the purchase. The camper is in immaculate condition otherwise, so we rolled the dice. Our plan is to completely...
  11. Steph_C

    ABS vs Alumitite aka Alumileak

    I've read all the stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. What I'd like to know is: once the original ABS or Alumitite roof is patched/refinished/rebuilt/sealed PROPERLY (and assuming I do proper maintenance and repairs in years to come), is there one that is better than the other? For me...
  12. K

    Coleman ABS fix

    Hi all :) Recently purchased a 2000 coleman bayside. It has interior roof supports and no sagging. From what I can tell all issues are cosmetic. Previous owner put a super rough truck bed liner coating on it. I am hoping to redo it as it is not holding up well. Plan is for grizzly grip however...
  13. K

    advice: Coleman Fleetwood Niagara '99/2000

    Hi All! My wife have been looking for a few months for a popup with slide out dinette to upgrade from tent camping. We found a local listing for a Coleman Niagara, it's either a '99 or 2000 year model. The inside looks very good and the floor is solid, all appliances work, crank handles...
  14. O

    1st Popup Owner

    Hi my name is John from Texas. My wife and I just bought our first camper. A 2002 Coleman Fleetwood Mesa popup camper. Came here to find the manual for it. We are looking forward to our first trip. It's in really good condition. Only issue issue is it has a slow drip on the inside from the roof...
  15. Camper054

    Should I or shouldn't I - do anything to my Coleman roof

    Hi all, So, we got a 2002 Coleman pop up yesterday. Nice, clean, stored inside and extremely well kept. As usual, the roof (Coleman ABS) is not 'perfect'. However, it is in great condition compared to other similar year Coleman camper as it has been stored inside. No major cracks, bends...
  16. Lance Simon

    ABS Roof Patching -- Best Method?

    Hi folks! Our '99 Fleetwood Destiny pop-up camper has some wear spots on the ABS roof and sides. This old buggy is too old to be worth a new roof. Are there any relatively cheap solutions -- patching, sealants -- that I could apply without needing professional spray tools, etc.? THANKS MUCH!
  17. HartNimrod70

    Anyone know anything about Nimrod Seventy roof?

    Hi All! We are the new owners of a Nimrod Seventy 3 Bed and just wanted to get any info I can on them. They are hard to find! Our camper is in pretty good shape, but the roof needs repair (it has some holes) not sure if it is ABS or Fiberglass. Does anyone know? Also, the hinge where the...
  18. C

    First PUP

    Hi Everyone, Been looking for a PUP for several months now. We have been tent camping for a few years and decided in was time to raise the comfort level a bit. Plus with two kids now I think it will just make things easier. I finally found a camper that I really like. It is a 2002 Coleman...
  19. Andrew Nelson

    2002 Coleman Fleetwood Utah ABS

    Hi- I just bought a 2002 Coleman Fleetwood Utah. I believe the roof is the ABS material that everyone talks about. Is there a way to tell for sure from the age? See image The roof is in good condition so far and I do not see any cracks etc. What I would like to do is cover the roof with some...
  20. rvanderwerf

    Just fixed my roof and ready to camp!

    Fixed my roof this past weekend and ready for camping! My roof was't terrible the deepest cracks where in the corners and along the awning area and a few micro cracks on top, especially on the side where the awning is. I'm not going to put it back and it seems that's a source of the issues and...