air conditioning

  1. David Blackwell

    A-Frames - Cooling the Peak

    (Spin off thread from Woo-Hoo). Per Econ's suggestion, looking for suggestions on how to improve the circulation of cold air from the A/C with an emphasis on pulling the hot air down from the peak. Comment: I have the Cool-Cat 10.5 btu air conditioner. It will certainly do the job if I want...
  2. Julie Adams

    '07 Jayco 1207 Window Dimensions: Here ya go!

    '07 Jayco 1207 Window Dimensions: Here ya go! Window dimensions for a '07 Jayco 1207. We used these for our Reflectix install today. Endcaps (2): 25"x63" King side (left): 33"x75" King side (right): 33"x74" Queen side (2): 33"x65" Other windows: Front small: 33"x34" Front large and two rear...
  3. D

    Need A/C Capacitor Identification

    A/C started blowing warm/hot day before last camping trip last weekend. Upon return from camping trip, removed AC shroud to discover three capacitors: A - small round 88-108 MFD 165 VAC B - oval 7.5 MFD +/- 6% 370 VAC 50-60 HZ -40 deg. C - +70 deg. C C - medium round without any identifying...
  4. lynnmarie0123


    Anyone familiar with this
  5. wanikiba

    Replace A/C Aliner 2103

    I bought a 2013 Aliner this June 2020 and found that the air conditioner didn't work. After reading about some people reporting failure every 2-4 years I decided if I'm replacing it I should make it easy to remove and replace in the future. I found a way I think will work well and also made a...
  6. Danny and Liza

    A/C issues

    We’ve had our 2001 Coleman Niagara for a month or so now and I finally got around to trying the A/c. It’s not a big deal to us because we don’t have a generator big enough to run it and we always boondock, so not really an issue. But we are ‘camping’ in my in-laws front yard for a family get...
  7. sstressfl

    Portable AC, IT WORKS!

    So we camped for the first time in 2020!! WOOT! (BTW, we camped at Lake Dunmore, in Vermont, Kampersville). Weather was 'sposed to be 90s and humid for the entire 4 days! So for an early Father's Day gift... I picked up a nice little LG 8000 BTU portable AC with remote from Home Depot! AND IT...
  8. FARfetched

    A/C motor needs help getting started

    2001 Starflyer with Carrier Air V A/C. Last weekend, when I went to fire up the A/C, it started humming along and then the breaker tripped after a couple minutes. Fortunately, we didn't need it then. Today, I set out to figure out what was happening. I took the panel off and cleaned up 18...
  9. A

    A/C keeps popping the breaker....I think

    I have a 1990 Jayco J series 1006. A/C turns on (plugged to 30amp). But after running for a few minutes the little white Reset button near the fuses pops and A/C stops. I push the button in and it starts back up. Any ideas??
  10. Norseman79


    First off we are brand new. We just bought our first pop up camper and we are so pumped to start making memories with our 9 yr old daughter. I'm thinking about removing the 3 way fridge and installing a window ac unit in that hole. The roof is not set up for AC and it's out of our budget. Can I...
  11. AMPM

    PUP AC Brand/model/Recommendation

    My roof top unit kept freezing up last trip. I pulled it apart and cleaned the coils on the fan side and squirrel cage sides. Noticed my Fan start Capacitor was very corroded so going to replace that. Not sure how much longer this thing will last. I think its the original unit that came with it...
  12. C

    How to check AC when buying used

    I have been looking for a popup for a while now and I've looked at a few. I've been told that I can't verify the AC works because it won't run off 110V service that is common in homes. Is this true? How can I verify the AC works before I purchase?
  13. Old ackpacker

    A.C. unit wired going nowhere??

    I just changed out the capacitors on my Coleman Mach A.C. As I was buttoning it up I noticed 2 brown wires with spade attachments that ran to the fan motor and were not attached to anything. Does anyone know what they are and what (If anything) they should be attached to?
  14. CampinMO

    AC Fan not engaging

    This is my first post so bear with me! My fiancé and I recently purchased a 95 Rockwood 1908. The AC will turn on and make a buzzing noise but blows no air. The compressor even kicks on occasionally, but still no air. I've seen some things that it may be the start/run capacitor?? or do we need a...
  15. finsnspurs

    Looking to upgrade to a PUP w/ a slide out kitchen.

    We have a small Coleman Hunter 860, very basic. Ice box No AC and full size beds. We were thinking of going to a TT but have backed off of that idea after seeing a PUP w a slide. We are looking for brand and model suggestions. Price range around 4 to 5 K. I've searched and can't find a post of...
  16. stud muffin

    A/C Advice

    Hello all, I am a first time popup camper owner. I want to install an A/C on the roof. I already have a vent there. I have searched amazon and google trying to find an A/C to no avail. I checked with the authorized dealer for my brand (Jayco) in the area and they wanted $1,000 to purchase and...
  17. dannyv11

    Portable AC solved after 4 years...I hope!

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I've posted anything. We started having kids a few years back and the pup was put to the side for a while (for good reason, I love my family)! I have a 1995 Fleetwood Coleman Utah and it is not capable of a roof AC without having reinforcement. Not to...