1. oblongataman

    Aliner RVLock v4 Install

    The dreaded online auction site deals are at it again. This time, I was able to find a new in box RVLock v4 for cheap. I always thought RVLocks were interesting as they offer the ability to use the keypad for access. This is handy for not having to hide your keys somewhere while you are out...
  2. oblongataman

    Aliner Diesel Heater Install

    I really enjoy taking my aliner classic out in the winter. This normally means boondocking more than anything else and thus line power is not normally available for electric heat. I have used the built in propane heater but it is loud, cycles often, and uses a lot of propane - enough to ice up...
  3. Bliner


  4. G

    Brakes not working

    Hello. Took my new-to-me 08 Aliner Classic for MD inspection. They said the brakes are brand new and have never been engaged. They said there is power/ground to both brakes and both magnet wiring tested fine. What the heck could it be?
  5. C

    A Liner Storage Box Specs & Requirements

    Aliner Classic. Does the storage box require more than the standard Classic model 15 foot trailer? How much does the storage box weigh? Thanks in advance!
  6. wanikiba

    1-1/2" Gray water to Sewer

    I've been using a 1-1/2" to hose adapter and gray water hose to sewer for the last year. It tends to backup the sink a little due to the reduction in pipe to hose size back pressure and annoys me. There is a trap on the sink so I came up with some parts at home depot and a couple RV parts to...
  7. Yacoma99

    2018 Aliner Ranger 12 for sale

    We bought a new Aliner Family and our beloved 2018 Ranger 12 is for sale. We are located in Chesapeake, Va and you can see the ad on Craigslist (Norfolk, Va) and on Facebook MarketPlace.
  8. David Blackwell

    A-Frames - Cooling the Peak

    (Spin off thread from Woo-Hoo). Per Econ's suggestion, looking for suggestions on how to improve the circulation of cold air from the A/C with an emphasis on pulling the hot air down from the peak. Comment: I have the Cool-Cat 10.5 btu air conditioner. It will certainly do the job if I want...
  9. bruce wayne

    aliner faucet replacement

    the faucet on my 2019 aliner ranger 12, broke, under the countertop. don't know why. i'd like to replace it with something a little more durable than the original. the faucet needs a very low profile, (under 3" high), in order for fold down the top. any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. PathfinderESP

    Coming to the Arched Side

    Looks like I'll be changing my signature here and listing a used popup. Got an Aliner Classic
  11. SteveZissou

    99? Aliner full restoration

    Just picked up an Aliner for 25$ from an auction. It’s wrecked. Started a frame off rebuild this weekend. Already have top off and the interior is gutted. Working on removing floor and sides now. If anyone has done this I would greatly appreciate photos and any information you think would be...
  12. D

    What should I do about issues with new Aliner Ranger 12?

    Hello, We just bought a 2021 Aliner 12 with the upgrade package last week (03/30/21). We live in Ohio and bought it from Kerola's in PA. We put money down before ever seeing the unit in person. Fiancee went to pick it up while I was at work. She said Kerola's was great to work with. We worked...
  13. S

    Aliner rotten walls

    We STUPIDLY bought an ‘04 Aliner without having the previous owners go through the setup and tear down of the camper. It was a weird situation where we went and looked at it while it was popped up and then they had to deliver it. They dropped it off and left in a hurry. Should’ve known then. We...
  14. wanikiba

    A-Liner Seat Panels Need to be Secured

    I've experienced, even on relatively smooth roads, our rear bed slides and the front seat top panels sometimes hop out while driving. I'd hate to see what would happen if I took it on forest service roads near our house with washboard waves on the road, let alone the 4x4 stuff I plan to do once...
  15. T

    Things to think about when you first get an Aliner

    Hi, I am a relatively new Aliner owner - we bought our 2014 in April of this year. In honor of a new member's new purchase (, I thought I'd share a few thoughts about having an...
  16. C

    Aliner AC options

    Alrighty, first let me lead off with I have searched through the forums and seen the posts about how to replace the window style AC units and the posts about them breaking due to the bouncing and wear and tear. So, with that, my question is, does anyone have a list of what units fit in the...
  17. T

    Help! Shower fixture leaking from behind...

    I have a 2014 Aliner Expedition with bathroom and integrated (inside) shower. The shower fixture leaks! If the water for the shower is off, there is no leak even with the water pump on. If the water for the shower is on, it leaks a little bit from behind the fixture. If the water for the...
  18. Bartolino

    2011 Ranger - Buying Advice

    I recently posted on Craigslist that I'm interested in buying a Scout Lite or Ranger 10 model....trying to keep the weight at a minimum as I'm towing with a 2016 Mazda CX-5 2.5 Liter GT (2000 lb tow capacity) A couple days later a guy responds saying he has the perfect fit for my needs: A 2011...
  19. wanikiba

    Replace A/C Aliner 2103

    I bought a 2013 Aliner this June 2020 and found that the air conditioner didn't work. After reading about some people reporting failure every 2-4 years I decided if I'm replacing it I should make it easy to remove and replace in the future. I found a way I think will work well and also made a...
  20. M

    Advice RE adding wall mounted snaps

    Hi all. First time posting, didn't find this answered elsewhere, hopefully didn't miss something! We have a 2010 Aliner Ranger 12. We made some custom replacement curtains, which will be mounted on snap fittings in some new locations. What is the best way to attach them to the walls? They just...