1. P

    1994 Jayco JSeries 1006

    Anyone have any pointers to locating the lift system? We have a 94 1006 and the "guide wire" by the crank door is no longer attached to the frame which allowed an impatient person to raise the top too high and now the rear driver side corner does not drop down appropriately! From my...
  2. T

    First PUP, Metal to metal contact on winch cable with trailer? Please see pictures. Thank you!

    Ok, so this is my first pup, first camper ever, and first post on this forum. I just purchased a 2008 Starcraft and the winch was bad, missing parts, I installed another factory OEM winch: There is a...
  3. J

    Getting a 190c Skamper mobile

    Right now I have a 190c stuck in the up position, It seems as though the cable snapped in the winch system, but I’m not sure, all I really need to know is how to get it popped down so I can tow it, I can fix it later, if I dismantle the winch system and let the cable loose will it come down...
  4. S

    1976 Starcraft Starmaster 6 Lift cable replacment.

    This has probably been beat to death by now, but I want to replace the lift cables on my pop up before anything else breaks. I have already found replacement pulley wheels. Home depot sliding door wheels, metal ,with ball bearings. Slightly bigger than the original wheels but I'm not afraid of...
  5. J

    Lost Cable

    Hello, I had a cable snap and it is in the track somewhere. The cable goes to the Passenger Side front corner. My which is in the Passenger rear corner. I have removed all the furniture in the corners except for my Shower. The cables go into the wall to run the long length. I can access them...
  6. C

    '98 Jayco Yosemite Cables

    Hello, Hope that someone on this forum can assist with a couple of issues. We Purchased a used popup recently and have been making some minor repairs and updates. There are 2 issues that I would like some help/guidance on. First, one of the front cables broke and the part of the cable near...
  7. wastedthelight

    Manually Lifting Roof By Hand - Broken Cable

    Purchased a 1993 Skamper 17c with a broken cable. The crank system is under cabinets inside, not accessible from the outside. What's the best way to manually hand raise the roof so I can get inside to work on it? Thank you.
  8. D

    Snapped Main Cable & Crank Handle Bolts

    Hey all - I'm officially part of the "membership" as of yesterday as I pulled the trigger on a 1970 Starcraft Starmaster 8, for its age, in beautiful condition. My first ever pop up, and I can't wait to get out and use it. Today I attempted to pop it up for the first time and snapped the main...
  9. C

    Starcraft lift system

    Does anyone know what type of lift system the 2010 Starcraft 1224 model has? We recently bought ours used and a cable is broken (we think). We’d like to try to fix it ourselves if possible to save money, but we can’t find much about the camper online. We had to get the owners manual Fromm...
  10. M

    1996 Coleman Niagara gravity latch and cable problems

    This is my first post here. I am having a problem with my gravity latch on the hydraulic system sticking. I think the cable has become to stretched out. I have looked under neath and had to hammer the latch open to release the hydraulic piston. Is there something I can do to help with this or is...
  11. JimmyComCom

    1984 Starcraft Starmaster broken cable - Right Rear

    We have a broken cable on the right rear under the trailer. There is one strand of cable left unbroken. With the pop-up down, you can see what seems to be the whole length of the cable under the trailer. Is this the winch cable? Is this an easy fix or do we have to run cable through the...
  12. srmoortgat

    2004 Fleetwood Westlake Lift repair Question

    I have a 04 Westlake and I need to replace the left front lift cable. Can someone please confirm for me the correct cable length I show 184" is that from tip of bolt to end?
  13. W

    Help, 98 Coleman Rio lift system

    I have one week of experience with my PUP today! I've learned alot about what to look at before you buy. Today I crawled underneath to lube my wiffle tree and discovered a few things I have questions about. 1. Is the wiffle tree suppose to have a cover? Mine doesn't and it's grimy under there...
  14. carriermnky

    Dissecting the Telescoping Posts

    Dissecting the Telescoping Posts I'm trying to figure out how it works along with the spring and what parts I really need to replace? I know for sure one of the images you'll see the PO had hacked the metal that slips into the roof bracket. Also, I didn't have sides to the roof so I can't see...
  15. Mark B

    Viking 1706 Lift Cable Repair - Need Help!

    Just purchased a 2000 Viking 1706, great condition other than cables don't lift top. I have tried to locate a manual on how the cable system is layed out, with no luck. Any advise?

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