1. Jimbo1227

    Canvas help.

    Ok so dumb question. Is there a way or a certain material I can use to kind of line the whole insides of the canvas. Only the bed parts. Maybe like something to Velcro or whatever. Just to keep some of the bugs out. Canvas is in really bad shape and I’m on a wait list to get new one but I’m not...
  2. H

    New to me 1994 Coleman Destiny Cedar XL

    Just purchased this Cedar XL for $200 dollars. Needs a TLC as a mouse had got in it and chewed up the canvas a little. Done a little research and found a 1994 Destiny Roanoke canvas for $200 that is supposedly brand new and it has the same part number bunk ends. Question would be can these...
  3. V

    Someone Needs A Makeover!

    Hi everyone!! I’m new to the Pop Up Portal and to pop up campers. I just bought my first and she’s a fixer upper. So I’d like to get some advice and feedback on what I’m working with. Okay, here’s the situation (if you just read that to the tune of Parents Just Don’t Understand…you are my...
  4. Jimbo1227


    Just wanted to know if there are any canvases that are interchangeable? Are they all on the same rail system and it just go by size?
  5. Jimbo1227

    New canvas

    Best place to order new canvas? I see some websites have like a 18 week wait. Or should I get some tape and safety pins and rough it out lol
  6. S

    Dogs escape from pop up beds

    My labradors learned to climb out canvas around the beds. A couple of the hooks have fallen off over the years, but now that my chocolate lab learned it was possible I worry that she'll escape by pushing her weight through even if I replace the couple missing. Has anyone ever diy-ed a solution...
  7. M

    Hey from Baltimore

    Hello everyone! We just bought a used 2008 Rockwood Freedom pop up. When we opened it up there are zippers on each side that should have been left closed but they unzipped them then the canvas shrunk and now we can’t get them closed. Any thoughts or experiences on how to stretch the canvas?
  8. C

    Is it worth it?

    I just recently bought a 1992 Starcraft stardust. The canvas was eaten through by ants and mice. The roof has water damage and the floor in the back needs to be replaced. I camp once or twice a year and picked this up for $500.00 before I saw the water damage. Is it worth fixing or should I...
  9. Maycat

    Gap in Canvas between Zippers

    Hello! I have a 2000 Viking that we have had for a few years. One part of the canvas between the main part of the camper and the bunk ends has always been a pain to zip up. I think only once was I able to actually zip it. When we purchased the popup the zipper pull and zipper teeth were already...
  10. BlairewiththePUP

    Help me find a canvas!

    Y'all.........Finding a canvas has proven to be difficult. I need something that will fit a 1995 Coleman Fleetwood Rio Grande. Does not have to be in perfect condition, I can always patch it up. I'm NOT about to wait 20 weeks to go camping! I think the 1994 and 1996 models fit my model. I have...
  11. T

    Waterproofing unconventional canvas/vinyl/other

    I recently was given an 80's Coleman PUP. I've read a bit on re-waterproofing the canvas/vinyl. I had it in some rain prior to my trip and no leaks. On my trip got just over 1" of rain in 24 hrs and had a little water mostly on the bedding on the mattresses was wet. It was touching the...
  12. T

    New Canvas for a 1998 Coleman Casa Grande for sale

    I was going to rebuild the roof on our Casa Grande but I really don't have the time but I have brand new canvas that I'm going to sell and junk the camper and move on. The canvas has never been used, I installed it to be sure it fits then took it back off for storage. Very well made, heaver...
  13. BikerGeek

    Should I be concerned

    Was looking around the inside of my camper today and took a closer look at the seams. There seems to be yellowed paper (waterproofing) along the seams that is peeling off. Is this something that needs to be replaced?
  14. Corey Sanchez

    First Timer who needs some help!

    Howdy! My wife and I just purchased a 1989 Coleman Laramie as our starter pop up. We are long time tenters who are excited about our new chapter. However, it didn't take long after getting her home before we knew we needed some help. Hence why I am here. Our first issue is that upon getting...
  15. ill.plainsman

    well it lasted a year. Our hybrid has lost its hold.

    Our Bullet Outback by Keystone has lost its hold on its self. 2019 model. The canvas has a plastic band on the edge of it, that clips the canvas to the wall. The clipping Im referring to seals the edge that is up against the front bunk. Where this makes a turn on the right side, its coming off...
  16. ill.plainsman

    We found it. Sleeping under canvas. In a hybrid.

    We found our special camper. We were looking all over for our special camper. We wanted a place to sleep without having to set up every night. ie. Walmart camping. We really like sleeping outdoors, ie. under canvas. We wanted to be able to use the bath facilities without setting up. We wanted a...
  17. D

    My first pop up!

    We were recently gifted an older Coleman sun valley. Living in Southern California we’ve done a little tent camping and are looking forward to new adventures in this trailer. The camper seems to be in decent condition with the exception of the canvas in some areas. Solid floors, lifting...
  18. D

    Where to purchase Canvas for 1997 Jayco Eagle with just VIN Number

    My Jayco Eagle PUP has a VIN number in the title but I can not find the serial number. I need to buy a new canvas. I have two questions: Could someone recommend an online store from where can I order the canvas? How difficult is the installation? How much should I pay for the installation...
  19. Adriane H.

    Wanted: 1988 Coleman Sequoia Rear ABS Panel & Canvas

    Hello! Someone backed into my '88 Sequoia and the ABS rear panel is badly damaged. Looking for a replacement panel OR advice on other options to replace the broken panel. ALSO looking for used '88 Sequoia canvas panels (ANY) as we experienced mice damage. :-( Adriane in PA
  20. mlwpmsdb

    Canvas Cleaning

    I bought my 99 Viking 2480 alittle over a month ago. I bought it knowing that the roof would need to be rebuilt but I also done a good inspection before I bought it: 1. Roof rebuilt--yes definitely 2. cabinets, floor, under carriage, cables, cushions, bed slides all in good shape 3. canvas in...