1. R

    Roof being a PITA.

    I'll try to make this short as possible. The roof was next for some fixing.... but. This issue literally happened overnight. Roof will not close flush. Right rear corner only. You can see the slide just stop... A few things. -99 coleman utah -middle of a complete rehab -greased all...
  2. Lross3

    Looking for 2010 Coleman Niagara user manual

    Does anyone have the user manual for 2010 coleman Niagara high wall?
  3. J

    2006 Fleetwood Sun Valley - SOLD

    2006 Fleetwood Sun Valley in excellent condition with brand new tires (July 2022) and two new batteries. Has been used a total of 10-12 times. I bought it from original owner in 2010. Just camped with my adult children and they really don't want to do it anymore and don't want the camper, so it...
  4. 9

    Where to find new foam mattress covers?

    We recently purchased a 1992 Coleman Americana Le and found some mildew inside the zip up mattress upholstery. I found some threads with info on where to get new foam, but I can't seem to find fitted mattress sleeves that aren't custom. Please help! Thanks
  5. Daniel Schoonover

    2 Weeks and 2,500 Miles

    So we took our "new to us" 1981 Coleman Valley Forge Lite on its maiden voyage. I put my trust that we would do a long haul on our first trip. Our Subaru Forester tows 1,500 so our campout setup was fairly light. We set out to Hirz Bay Campground at Lake Shasta, CA. I highly DO NOT recommend...
  6. D

    ABS foam core crack

    I started my ABS repair. I just bought a 99 Coleman Cheyenne. It had tons of cracks and bubbles. The previous owner did a terrible tape and paint patch job. The ABS came off without much effort. I ran into a problem when I leaned on part of the roof above the door. I heard a crunch and looked...
  7. P

    1997 Coleman Sea Pine Fusebox

    Help! I can't seem to find the fuse box in my Coleman Popup camper. I found the power converter, is that the same as the fuse box? Or does anyone know where the fusebox would be? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Daniel Schoonover

    1981 Coleman Valley Forge Light Battery Wiring Question

    I've taken care of my trailer external lights and now I want to tackle the wiring to the internal system. But this is what I have and it makes no sense. Does only one wire from the battery lead into the trailer? If that is the case I would assume the negative terminal just grounds? Why did they...
  9. ryansewell320

    Coleman Power Lift Motor

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I just purchased a 2002 Coleman pop up camper with power lift system. The power lift system stopped working. So I clipped the wires by the motor and hooked the battery directly to the motor, instead of the current wires which run through the pop up, from...
  10. Daniel Schoonover

    Replacement Options for Tail Lights on Coleman Valley Forge Lite

    Hi! I am new here and I'm making repairs to our "new" trailer a 1981 Coleman Valley Forge Lite. I'm working on resolving some issues I've had with my wiring on my new to me Coleman Valley Forge Lite. Unfortunately, as I started working on the taillights the plastic started to break and even...
  11. E

    Storage location for Coleman outside stove

    Hi all, I'm getting ready for our first trip in our new-to-us 1999 Coleman Santa Fe. The brochure says it should have a separate outside stove, which makes sense since the one in the galley is hard plumbed in. The manual states to "remove auxiliary stove from storage location" but I don't know...
  12. M&M in Winchester

    Hello from Winchester Ontario

    We just bought a 2002 Coleman Seapine popup camper and hoping that we can reach out to all you skilled campers. We are new to the outdoor camping world. When I was younger I did use ground tents several times but it's been a long period since that time. Initially we expect to do most of our...
  13. Clarksfamilyvacation

    Central Florida area ISO REPAIR

    1987 coleman Chesapeake special. Back arm bent, cable snapped. My husband has been researching and bought all the new parts for it to be fixed. we really don’t have the time for that big of a project right now so I was looking to see if anybody knew who could repair that in the central Florida...
  14. L

    Coleman Roof Type

    Hello! New to the forum. We have a 1999 Coleman Taos. We are having a hard time determining the roof material, as previous owners have recoated it with some sort of material. From all my research online it should be A.B.S. but our roof is not one piece, it had corner caps. Any assistance would...
  15. N

    Coleman SunValey parts

    hi, we have an old 1982 Coleman sunvalley and we love it. Recently broke the crank set set, any ideas where i could find one? cheers, nick
  16. M

    2000 Coleman Fleetwood Pop up Roof Repair

    I know info on this is all over. I just wanted to be sure I had my game plan right before I start. My abs roof has cracked all over. Some small spider cracks and some large cracks where the plastic is no longer glued to the surface below. I have decided to take the whole abs roof off, sand...
  17. Tarkus

    Coleman ABS Roof replaced w/STEEL & other oddities

    Greetings everyone. After lurking here for a few days and seeing just how dynamic this forum really is, I decided to post my roof and floor fixes to share with folks. I have a 1998 Destiny Series 12' Coleman/Fleetwood Model 3281 Natchez with the dreaded saggy ABS roof. I purchased this popup in...
  18. M

    1987 Coleman Columbia - W/ Transferrable Registration

    The transferable registration is what you need in NY to register it / own it since it's dry weight is under 1000 pounds. For sale is a 1987 Coleman Columbia. I would like to get $400 OBO for it. Location: Central Square NY It's not perfect, but functional.I used it a lot a few years back but...
  19. J

    Parting out- 1998 Coleman Bayside

    I'm considering parting out a 1998 Coleman Bayside as opposed to selling outright. I'm trying to gauge interest on needed parts. All appliances and hardware is in working order. Most of the canvas and cushions are in good shape. Let me know if you are interested in anything
  20. Amyost

    Coleman 1999 remodel

    Starting on the top this weekend. Ordered the Gorilla grip and removed all the old damaged top. Bondo on the area’s that needed it. Still a lot to do but here is photos of the process so far.

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