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  1. K

    I made a "dinofa"

    Alright... I'm just gonna say it... I HATE dinettes. Outside of the 20-30 minutes you might sit down for a meal, I find them completely useless and uncomfortable. Terrible for chilling and watching tv on a rainy day. So I remedied my problem... introducing the Dinofa! This is simply an Amazon...
  2. Anthony Hitchings

    A small storage idea on the rear roof hinge

    in our Aliner the rear roof is over the dinette, and on our first large trip I was wishing for a small storage cubby (or equivalent) kind of attached to the roof hinge or the rear wall below the hinge - to store small stuff, like pens, small cameras, SB adapters, iphones, cords, odds and ends...
  3. WrkrBee

    Dinette Storage Access Door

    I do not like having to move all the long cushions, in a limited amount of space to get or store something. Added a door on the front cabinet. Splurged and used some over priced Aliner trim around door and opening. Inset hinges are a bit long, but. Added a drawer roller on the end of the...
  4. Valmr2

    Removing dinette?

    Has anyone ever removed or modified the dinette in a PUP? We have a Freedom 1640 and I have been trying to think of a way to change the dinette booth to suit us better. I find lots of ideas that were done in RVs but most can't be done in a PUP. I have two ideas: 1. Move one bench to the side and...