1. gi_jimbo

    New Coleman pop-up owner from western NE

    Hello all, My wife and I started off our camping experiences with tents and got a utility trailer that converts into a tent somewhat resembling a pop-up about 2 years ago. Recently we decided that while handy and cool, it was too crowded for us and our 3 kids (1 more than we had when we bought...
  2. S

    Aliner rotten walls

    We STUPIDLY bought an ‘04 Aliner without having the previous owners go through the setup and tear down of the camper. It was a weird situation where we went and looked at it while it was popped up and then they had to deliver it. They dropped it off and left in a hurry. Should’ve known then. We...
  3. WrkrBee

    Moulding Trim Screw Cover Strip

    I had the 8' ladder next to the travel trailer, putting the cover on correctly after tearing the cover on the antenna wing. I noticed that the trim cover strip had pulled away from its retaining screw at the top. Since the top of the strip gets the hottest in the sun, it is the weakest point...
  4. UKDiamond001

    Only the Brave

    Its two months since we were told to stay at home, not a problem for me as I'm stuck at home most of the time, however I need a haircut really bad! I looked on Amazon and found a clipper set reasonably priced and after a lot of debating with myself I finally clicked the button. It arrived...
  5. TheArtifactory

    Just joined.

    Hi! I’m new to pop-up ownership. Just bought and remodeled a 1997 Rockwood Freedom 1620. Haven’t even had a chance to use it yet! If you’re interested in watching the video of the renovation, it’s here: . I’d definitely be interested in feedback, and other people’s experience with remodeling...
  6. Joseph A Slonaker


    Hey, all! I couldn't find a good place to put this, so here it lands. Has anyone ever tried sewing their own replacement canvas? I'd be interested in what sort of sewing machine people used, and so on. I enjoy tackling projects that are way over my head. ;)
  7. Fshrmon

    Off Season Maintenance

    Greetings, Last summer is when we got into Pup camping as we ended up spontaneously purchasing the Pup from some friends who had upgraded. Since it's been new to us and I don't know the history of it, I've spent a part of our winter in the garage performing some maintenance on it, partly for...
  8. Natasha Vaz

    Cheap DIY '94 Coleman Chesapeake makeover with screened in room

    Hello all! I did my first pop up season this year. I love camping...well somewhere between camping and glamping. I bought my friends '94 Coleman pop-up. I did some DIY projects that made it really comfortable and fun and wanted to know if there is any interest in seeing what I did...
  9. M

    DIY Recanvasing and Waterproofing

    DH and I bought a 1987 Coleman Laramie pup for $150 recently. This is our first camper and it needed some work. This model has the Evolution 3 fabric and canvas. Unfortunately, the Evolution 3 has dry rotted and is torn in multiple places and likely not waterproof. We didn’t want to pay the...
  10. Camper054

    DIY - tire replacing and wheel bearing repacking - need advice

    Hi all, If you followed some of my recent posts, you know that I got a 2002 Cheyenne about two weeks ago and was worried about towing it back 450 miles as the previous owner did not change tires or repack the wheel bearings for at least six years he owned it! Anyway, I made it back safely and...
  11. Mat Kyne

    Phone/Tablet Mount for PopUp Camper

    I know for some, bringing along electronics while camping is sacrilege. Not for me. Giving the kids a movie to watch at the end of the day allows for extended campfire enjoyment for the adults. So we keep a few tablets loaded with movies that we bring on trips. I decided to use a similar...
  12. Mat Kyne

    Camp Kitchen

    I was really disappointed with the stove that came with my popup. It was too small for a large pot, too slow to cook and the slightest breeze would render it useless. I always found myself lacking counter space or even enough room to put a spatula down. I already had a Coleman Propane stove...
  13. N

    Just bought a pop up and need help with plumbing

    I recently purchased 2003 Coleman Laramie pop up. The trailer needs a lot of work and i am doing the plumbing next. the plumbing is a mess. there are no connections to the sink and broken pipes under the trailer. I cant figure out the puzzle pieces to to complete the system. I am going to be...
  14. Lanternman

    Pulling a pup with a 1935 Chevy? Sure!

    My 2011 Silverado decided to suddenly eat a transmission last week, which left me without a tow vehicle. No biggie, except this is going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend break from the heat here in NC, temps around 80, lows in the 50s, and sunny. That's camping weather and I wasn't gonna miss it. Been...
  15. Lillian Gonzalez

    Hey Yall! Look what i did!

    Hello Everyone, I bought a 1998 Starcraft Venture 1706 in May of this year and just finished my popup makeover & wanted to share! Did a whole lot of DIYing! Made the awning from scratch, put new floors in, did a bunch of cleaning! Canvas now looks almost new! I ripped out the sink and ice box...
  16. L

    1993 Jayco Eagle 10 Missing Sink

    So I picked up a 1993 Jayco Eagle 10 25th anniversary edition PUP and the galley portion is missing. the trailer came with the moveable stove but there is only a drain flush on the 'counter top' i was hoping maybe someone could give me in site on how the original galley worked for this camper...
  17. Mhowdy

    Jack Handle for 2002 Coleman/Fleetwood Tacoma

    Hi: Was just given a 2000 Coleman/Fleetwood Tacoma PUP. It came with everything except the jack handle to raise the jacks. Anyone know the size of those holes on the jacks? I am thinking about just going to the hardware store and buying a solid piece of round metal to place it in there.
  18. Dback2k4

    Replacement Refridgerator

    The 3-way fridge in my '99 Coleman finally croaked out this year. My brain started churning out some ideas once I realized that it wasn't worth the investment to replace it. Most of the time I camp in established campgrounds with power and when I am off-the-grid I use coolers full of ice, so I...
  19. D

    Lionel L-500 broken lift system cables.

    Hi, We own a 1984 Lionel L-500 that we bought used a few years ago. It's an old trailer that the previous owner didn't maintain super well but we put some TLC into it and think it has some good years left. I went to pop it up today to get it ready for camping season and the lift system cables...

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