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  1. F

    Swinging Galley Kitchen: Repair Question

    2012 Rockwood Freedom 1950: Has anyone ever had to replace the mechanism for the swinging galley kitchen? The bracket snapped where the arms meet the base that attaches to the lower cabinet. Any thoughts on replacement or repair? I've reached out to the local dealer to look into a replacement...
  2. G

    New FR Viking Owner

    Hello from Upstate NY. Just purchased a 2014 Forest River Viking 12 CWS. Looking forward to getting back to doing some camping this year. We had a Rockwood TT that we sold in Jan '20 and ordered a new one but due to that worldwide event we ended up not getting it. Put a new one on order in...
  3. A

    '06 Fleetwood Niagra vs '16 Forest River Flagstaff

    First Time Poster! We are looking at buying our first ever pup! We are excited to enter this world of camping as a family of 5 (kids @ 11yrs, 9yrs, & 6yrs). We've identified 2 campers we really like, but we are having a hard time figuring out which one is the better pup. 1) 2016 Forest River...
  4. Dreamcatcher PUP

    Hello From Florida

    Hi there, we have purchased our first pop up and super excited. We love to tent camp and after several nights at freezing temps (with two weimies) we decided to upgrade. We bought a used 2018 Forest River Flagstaff HW series and love it. We are looking forward to exploring all over Florida.
  5. sstressfl

    VIDEO REVIEW: 2019 Forest River Rockwood 2280BHESP

    We traded in our 1997 Starcraft Popup Camper and bought a new Forest River Rockwood 2280BHESP. After 2 months of ownership we finally got it repaired, fixed and aligned enough to take it on our first camping trip. This is the full review.
  6. M

    2017 Flagstaff cable broke. Anyone know how to replace it?

    We cannot find anything on how to replace the cable on our popup camper. The cable snapped about 6 inches from the winch. Has anyone done this before? Every repair shop is booked until Oct. ‍♀️ TIA
  7. T

    Need a resource for finding this trim

    Hi All! This is my first popup and I'm doing a LOT of repairs. Right now I'm resealing it and fixing the trim and I can't seem to find once specific piece of trim online anywhere. I'm not sure if I'm looking under the wrong name or what. I'm located in Colorado, the Denver metro area and I'm...
  8. ShawnR

    New to the Portal

    Hello all! From SLC, Ut. Here to get information and guidance on buying a used Pop-up. I'm really partial to the Forest River ESP line, so if anyone has experience or thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Thanks all!
  9. C

    Solution for crappy folding door

    I like our pop up camper, but I hate the door. A poor design overall in several aspects. It constantly falls down while traveling because it slips off the two small ceiling clips. It has occasionally torn the mattress below when it fell. It has also bent the hinged metal plate that attaches...
  10. Jedd de Lucia

    2003 Forest River flagstaff Classic 725

    Hi all, I'm looking at purchasing a 2003 forest river Flagstaff classic 725. I looked at it today and it is in excellent condition: There was very little damage or wear. canvas was in good shape except for one 3" tear on the slide out. poles and cabinets were in excellent shape. The tires...
  11. RainH2o

    Shower Curtain Rod 2007 Rockwood

    I bought a 2007 Rockwood freedom 1950 and it has the shower toilet combo in it. However when we bought it it was missing the shower curtain rod ,the shower curtain and the privacy curtain. So I got ahold of Forest River and they gave me the following part numbers and prices. 10-06687A Shower...
  12. P

    Camping World 2014 CSW12 (Cannot find information in NADA)

    Does anyone own or have experience with the Camping World 2014 CSW12 popup camper? We are considering buying one but struggling to find any information about the brand. If you own own what is your experience? Any ideas where to find reviews and prices? Thanks in advance
  13. M

    Trying to purchase..

    I am thinking about buying my husband and our family a suprise pop up camper. The challenge is that I am not sure if I am getting a good deal or not. 2018 Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE Is what I am looking to purchase and I don't know how to negotiate and I want to make sure they are not...
  14. SongCamper

    My new Rockwood 2516G

    I'm a former under the stars sleeper turned little tenter when I got married turned big tenter when we had kids and now turned PUPer to accommodate my son's special needs as he gets older and keep us outdoors (he has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair chair). We just picked up this Rockwood...
  15. D

    Forest River Rockwood 2318G - odometer

    We're looking as selling our Forest River Rockwood 2318G and trying to figure out the mileage. Anyone know if there is any easy way to find out? Thank you
  16. D

    Forest River Rockwood 2318G - Odomoeter?

    We're looking as selling our Forest River Rockwood 2318G and trying to figure out the mileage. Anyone know if there is any easy way to find out? Thank you
  17. M

    New Owner of Used Forest River 176 Flagstaff (2003)

    We had a R-Pod for a year, but weren't using it. It was nice, but seemed big on the outside and small on the inside. My preference was always for a pop-up and we finally decided to move in that direction. Our tent, the bunks, stove, and structure are all in terrific shape, but the heater and...