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    Dometic 2193: Amazing on 120v, sucks on propane

    I just got back from another weekend of camping and on this trip, i noticed that my fridge basically failed at its job. I filled it with frozen water bottles before we set off and when we arrived at our site, i fired up the propane. Within the day, the fridge got to between 66-68F where it...
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    New to us popup.

    Hubby and I have camped in various ways over the years. This is our 1st popup. Working our way through the systems before our 1st trip, and have found that the fridge works on 12v but seems 110v doesn't seem to work. That said we love our 2008 Fleetwood Utah and can't wait to head out...
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    Fridge not working on 120v

    Hi, I have a Coleman Cheyenne 2003 and I have problem with my dometic rm2193. It is a 3-way fridge and it is confirmed functionnal on propane and on 12v. I do some circuit testing : - I have 120v on the plug when the fridge is connected - I have 120v just below the green switch (ON/OFF) - I...
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    Fridge Options

    Currently we have a 3 way fridge. We never use the propane or battery option. I am very interested to hear if anyone has replaced their 3 way fridge with a regular mini fridge. 2002 Coleman Bayside Elite - 2006 Ford Ranger