1. Greg H

    Wanted: Dometic RM2193 Fridge in S. Ontario

    If anyone in Southern Ontario is swapping out their fully functional Dometic RM2193 3-way fridge for an electric fridge (or whatever else), I‘d be interested in purchasing it. Mine unfortunately started leaking coolant. Current view at Killbear Park for attention:
  2. mcgillclan4

    Can propane only half work?

    Weather cleared a bit here near Seattle for this weekend and we thought we'd go for a quick close trip knowing that we have a furnace to keep us warm. Getting everything out and set up. Is it possible for lines to certain appliances be clogged but not to others? The cooking stove works. But the...
  3. S

    How hot is the back of your fridge?

    Hello everyone, I’m the proud owner of a fleetwood Niagara. We have owned it since February 2020 and loved everything about it except the fridge. The original fridge never got below 50 degrees. I ordered a Norcold 3 way fridge and installed it at the end of last season. I’m concerned that...
  4. Peter R.

    Dometic RM2354 Troubleshooting

    Hello, We have a new-to-us 2014 Forest River Flagstaff HW27. It came with a Dometic 3-way fridge, model RM2354. When we got it, turning it on would click the igniter, even when plugged into shore power, but it wouldn't light and all of the lights on the front would flash in unison repeatedly. I...
  5. M

    Fridge Cooling Unit Repair

    Are there any recommendations on repair shops that can physically re-weld and refill a fridge cooling unit? I'm wondering if this will be more economical compared to buying an entirely new cooling unit ($600) or even fridge ($1k+). I have a 3-way Dometic RM7551L fridge from a new-to-me 2008...
  6. S

    Cutting a hole in the side of my camper

    Hey all. I have a 1976 Starcraft Starmaster 6 that I'd like to install an absorption fridge into. In order to do this though, I need to cut two holes in the side wall to install the vents. My main question is what it the best tool to do this? I have a sawzall with various blades I could use. The...
  7. CChentfant23

    Fridge in Camper

    Does anyone have luck using their fridge on the pup? I’m struggling with the fridge getting somewhat cold to store my cold items.
  8. T

    Norcold 260.3 propane mode wont work

    Norcold 260.3 AC works great! Tried propane mode and pilot goes out when I release the safety button. I have gas at stove. I have the owners and service manuals. I have the pup set up in my yard-- could it be that the camper must be more level? Are Norcold fridge's that temperamental? Could it...
  9. cmahoney_photo

    No fridge vent outside?

    We have a 2014 Palomino Basecamp 8B with a Koolatron KCR-40B installed from the factory. There is no outside vent for this fridge so it just vents into the cabinet and under one of the dinette seats which also contains all the electricals for the camper. I would say maybe a total of 8-10 cubic...
  10. S

    Food in fridge

    so this might be a silly question to some, but here goes. We have a new to us pop up that has a working fridge ( we previously had an ice box and used it for storage) Can you keep food in there overnight in terms of bear safety? I think yes but my husband says no. What's the consensus on this one?
  11. M

    98 Palomino Mustang 8 pin plug to 7 blade questions

    Hello All, I am new to the popup camper world. Growing up my parents had a truck camper and later a pull trailer and I never had to worry about if things worked or not. But now, being an adult with my own family I need some help. We have used tents until recently buying an old popup which needed...
  12. M

    Fridge not working on 120v

    Hi, I have a Coleman Cheyenne 2003 and I have problem with my dometic rm2193. It is a 3-way fridge and it is confirmed functionnal on propane and on 12v. I do some circuit testing : - I have 120v on the plug when the fridge is connected - I have 120v just below the green switch (ON/OFF) - I...
  13. HappyTraveler

    Dometic 3-Way Fridge RM 7551L

    Hi Everone! We have never used our Dometic fridge before, but want to see if it actually works. Trying it on shore power/110 and it gets "cool", but I won't say cold. We're fiddling with the temp knob and have no idea which way makes it colder and which way makes it "less cold". The owners...
  14. A.W.

    Selling my lift-up kitchen area, maybe furnace and fridge

    Hi, I have a 1996 Coleman Key West pop-up that's in excellent condition. I want to remove the entire top portion of my kitchen area (gas stove, countertop, sink, water pump and faucet, large cabinet area and drawer). It's all in excellent condition and works perfectly. I'm only considering...
  15. M

    3 Way Dometic Fridge Power SNAFU

    We have a 2019 Viking pupop with a pretty standard 3-way Dometic fridge. I got it back from the service department and noticed AFTER I had it plugged in on shore power for a few days, that the power switch was set in the "ON" position for both 12v power and 120v power. There's a big warning...
  16. J

    Odds & ends questions - NEW CAMPER

    First off, new to the PUP world, wife & I just picked up our new 2020 MAC228d, super exciting! As for my inquiries, I'm storing the PUP in my un-heated garage (live in GA), I know to unhook the negative terminal to prevent discharge. If batteries are in parallel assuming I only need to...
  17. S

    Figuring out power: Furnace, Fridge, etc

    Hi Everyone, We are getting ready for our first trip with the new PUP - 30 days on the road with about 10+ stops mostly at RV parks with power. We have only used the PUP once thus far. Excited. Please correct me if I am wrong: - The fridge can run on propane, the 12v battery, or the electricity...
  18. G

    Pre-trip Refrigerator

    We have a Dometic 3 way fridge in our PUP (sorry I don't have the model). I am wanting to plug into house power to get the fridge cool prior to our trips, then use 12v while in transit. Our PUP has the sink that folds down, and there appears to be switch that turns off power when it is down...
  19. P

    Dometic RM2193

    Trying to figure out why the 120v on my three way fridge doesn’t work but the 12v and gas do. Hoping that it’s a wiring issue and hopefully someone on here can help me out!! Is there anyway someone can post a picture of which wires go where?? Not an electrician so don’t understand schematics...
  20. MyName

    Automatic Fridge question.

    I just watched this youtube video How to make your RV fridge colder and was wondering if these rusted clips are the 'automatic' temperature adjustments in my fridge? What do they do. There is a wire attached to them, but you can not see it in this photo.