1. Anthony Hitchings

    needing a 1-inch drop ball mount for my hitch

    In theory I needa 1-inch drop ball mount for my 2" hitch mount, its the closest value expected after moving to 13" radial tires on my camper, which has an SOA lift. I am not finding any ball mounts with 1" drop. Have any of y'all found such a thing? I can't really do an effective search (I...
  2. M

    Tongue weight etched on trailer vs math

    Hey All, We are about to do our first cross country tow with our popup in July. I have a brand new truck that far exceeds our campers weight and payload (future proofed here). But I want to be extra safe and get a weight distribution with sway control as we will be heading into lots of...
  3. M

    Hitch Mount Length

    Morning All, So we purchased a new Ram truck over the winter so we can upgrade pop-ups and not be stuck or limited around certain weights. We have a RF 2019 627d as of now and have been pulling it with my wife's minivan until now (first trip tomorrow for us this season!!!). My question is what...
  4. S

    New PuP owner - what towing things need to be done?

    Just put a deposit on a 2021 Rockwood HW277 (!!). Quickly realized there's a lot more than just hitching it up. I will be towing with a 2015 Ford F-150 XLT 3.5 EcoBoost (I can't recall if we got the towing package, which had something like locking rear axle or different ratio something...
  5. Blue411

    Trailer Hitch for 1999 Coleman Westlake

    Hello! I need to get a trailer hitch for my 1999 Coleman Westlake, and I have a 2018 Mazda CX-9. Can someone please offer suggestions for where to buy the right trailer hitch? What kind of hitch to get? Electrical wire hook up? I tried UHAUL but they are severely back ordered and cannot tell me...
  6. sstressfl

    Minivan Weight Distribution Hitch Install & Review

    Previously, we owned a very light 1997 Starcraft popup camper. When it was fully loaded, the van needed some help to stay level so I installed some airlift airbags to help lift the back end of the van. It worked! But we traded our old popup for a new Rockwood 2280BHESP popup camper. We love it...
  7. jcwells92

    Electric Hitch question

    What do you do if your electric hitch stops working? Is there a “work around” that will work in a pinch?
  8. S

    2007 Cheyenne has a new bumper

    For the last several days I have working on a new bumper for the popup. Started with trying to straighten the old one. Ended up making it worse. So I researched new ones, and most are made to hold sewer hoses and are made super thin. Needless to say expensive. My local metal supplier sold me a...
  9. A

    Hitch and Wiring Costs

    Hello! My wife and I were just gifted a new-to-us 2001 Coleman Tacoma pop up! We're super excited, but are in the process of figuring out towing options. We have a vehicle we can borrow in the interim, but want to be able to tow it on our 2008 Ford Edge. We were recently quoted north of $700 for...
  10. dandcp

    2016 Toyota Sienna XLE Premium - Setting up as my new Tow Vehicle.

    We have had this van for 2 years and finally getting around to getting it tow ready especially since we have a new to us PUP to tow! We have a 2010 Coleman Sun Valley. this is the trailer weight info: Dry Weight: 2,175lbs., Payload Capacity 1,325lbs. GVWR 3,500lbs. Hitch Weight 195lbs. I...
  11. CanadianCamper79

    Hitch on Starcraft 2411 - Help!

    We just purchased a 2005 Starcraft 2411. We were practicing hooking up the hitch last night, and it seems very stiff. It's difficult to attached to the ball and remove from the ball. Is this a common problem with the Starcraft? Any suggestions how to make it easier? The part that slides down to...
  12. Pop-N-Fresh

    Can I add a hitch to the back of my pup

    I have a 1999 Jayco Heritage pup. We are getting ready for our first trip this weekend and in all of my excitement for camping, the pup is pretty much full (including the storage bin on the front). I am wondering if I can add a hitch to my pup so that I can put on one of those cargo carriers...
  13. A

    Palomino 2013 model 4100

    I am looking for the hitch weight of the 2013 Palomino 4100. On the web many stated that it is 325 lbs. But it seems a lot while the pop up weight just1800 lbs. I have a Subaru outback that can tow almost 3000 lbs, but it seems that the hitch weight cannot exceed 200 lbs. I would be very...
  14. Wanderers

    1999 Starcraft Galaxy Questions

    Hi All- We are trying to buy a used pop-up camper, and yesterday we found one we really like. Yay! We just want to verify a couple of things before we buy it, and the Starcraft customer service line is closed today because of bad weather, so I thought maybe someone here might be able to help...
  15. Lanternman

    Pulling a pup with a 1935 Chevy? Sure!

    My 2011 Silverado decided to suddenly eat a transmission last week, which left me without a tow vehicle. No biggie, except this is going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend break from the heat here in NC, temps around 80, lows in the 50s, and sunny. That's camping weather and I wasn't gonna miss it. Been...
  16. S

    Help! I bent my pole!

    Hello, I am a brand new owner of a new to me 1995 Jayco 1006st and I have a problem with the pole on the tongue of the hitch. The pole is supposed to be flush with the wheel that stabilizes it so you can get the trailer off your ball, but unfortunately something happened and it was left too...

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