1. Jim Keeling

    First Thor popup..oh my!

    First time for popup. Have a 20001 Thor Skampee. 23B. Have refurbished 2 other campers. Just moved to Texas,and love it, except not much on kayak fishing places around Georgetown. Widowed and live with son (his demand). Love fishing,,camping,kayaking! ( also, Yuengling Beer) Love to learn...
  2. E

    Camping with kayaks

    Have any of you tried carrying and using inflatable kayaks? They all seem to get good reviews, easy to store and should be great for popup type camping with little storage. If you have tell us your experiences.. Bad as well as good and the type of equipment. My first experience was with an...
  3. sstressfl

    GoPro 7 Bottom of the Lake, Hiking, GORGEOUS Sunset | Covid Yard Camping Day 6 of 10

    Day 6 begins with Kayaking! As usual I used my GoPro suction cup to stick my GoPro 7 to the bow of my kayak! I must not have gotten a good seal when I attached it... moments later, I watched it slide into the lake. And there it rests, at the bottom of Silver Lake in Barnard, VT. A hopeless...