1. C

    No 12v from Converter on Battery Power, Only on Shore Power

    My 2012 Rockwood Freedom suddenly stopped having any 12v power to the lights and appliances when on battery power. I think I traced the issue back to the converter as I followed the positive wire from the battery with a test light, and it still had power going into the converter with that red...
  2. J

    The latest episode of 'Jim is horrible at trailer wiring'.

    My trailer light cracked and popped off. It's 4.5 x 8.5. I thought I could easily replace it, so I looked that up and found a couple lights that fit. One has a reverse light: Bargman Trailer Tail Light - 5 Function - Incandescent - Rectangle - White Base - Red/Clear Lens Bargman Trailer Lights...
  3. BikerGeek

    2002 Coleman Yuma 12v light question

    Probably a silly one but on the 12 volt lights on the roof inside there appears to be an RCA jack. Anyone know what that's for?
  4. jearly68

    no lights

    i have a 2002 coleman sun valleyand my lights aren't working i checked fuses they are all good next i checked the galley switch by removing the two wires and connecting them with a fuse still no lights the carbon sensor works and the fan is running on my converter so i figure the converter is...
  5. P

    2002 Starcraft Constellation Pop-up Camper Battery

    New to camping and pop-up Camper. I have bought a 29DP Battery connected it to the prewired Converter and interior lights come on with breaker on or off but the outlets not working. I connected the wire black to positive and wite to negative. Also when I plug camper to the house power all works...
  6. Nanapoppypops

    First camping trip

    Our first trip in our 2009 palomino thus past weekend. Successfully arrived, wentvto fill fresh water tank and the tank hadca seven inch crack in it. Nice that the dealer informed us of that. They will not make goidcon it either. Next, we arrived at site, unhitched, turned on lights and...
  7. someguyinnorthcarolina

    How to debug / fix this wiring short?

    I have been off the portal for about 7 years due to family caregiver issues, during which time my 2001 Coleman Bayside sat neglected in the back yard. We had bought it around 2012 and then "life happened" and we never even got to use it. This week, with the help of a friend we opened it up...
  8. R

    Ceiling lights only work on one side

    Odd situation I’m finding here I’m a rookie /half decent mechanic and I know the basics when it comes to electrical Here’s the situation While connected to shore power the rearward ceiling lights work great and I’m getting 14 volts at the bulb socket. The forward lights do not come on, at...
  9. J

    New to PUP and have electrical issues

    We just purchased our first NTU PUP. We were told by the PO all lights and outlets worked. However once we got it home, I started up my generator and plugged the 30amp plug in. Only 2 of 4 outlets work. None of our ceiling lights work. The CO detector is not powering on either. All fuses are...
  10. Lanternman

    Vintage/tacky lights? Lets see em!

    Camping and tacky lights go hand in hand, dont they? Post some pics! I remember as a kid, my grandparents always had goofy lights strung around their camper awning- they were multi colored, round and square 'accordian' shaped lights. Does anyone know if anything like that is still around?
  11. Daisy on my toe

    Don't know where to look - replacement light lens

    We have a 2013 Jayco Jay Series. Last weekend we went camping and when we got to the campsite the orange/yellow lens had come off from the outside porch light sometime during the drive. We need to replace it but I'm not sure where to even start looking. Does Jayco sell replacement parts for...
  12. J

    How to turn lights off?

    I have a 2018 Rockwood Freedom 1640ltd. When the sink is in place the interior lights are on. We've been shoving a towel under the sink at night to prop it up so that the lights turn off. Is there another way to turn the lights off when we don't need them? Thank you.
  13. Riveyman

    Possible converter issues

    Hey all, could use some advice. Went camping for 5 day and on the evening of the 3rd day the lights quit working. In the morning of the 4th day noticed the fridge temp was going up, but the green light was on steady. We turned on a light and the fridge green light went out. Lights didn't work...
  14. chambo

    Think you have all LED lights? Think again.

    Last night I was installing a new battery on my Roo. Once everything was done I tested lights and my volt/amp meter that sits on the battery box. In the process of turning lights on, I discovered that the docking light (near the tongue) and the amber porch light were not LEDs. I swapped them...
  15. Carolyn1978

    2010 Coleman Utah - Lights won't work?

    Hi everyone... My husband and I just bought our very first camper! We bought a used 2010, Coleman Utah, and we love it!! We set it up in the driveway today, and for some reason we can't get the lights to come on... The electric lift for setting it up works fine, but the power inside won't come...
  16. Mysterie Smith

    1999 Coachmen Pup lights

    Hey! I’m pretty new to this & I just recently bought a 1999 coachmen Clipper 1275 st pop up camper. Everything works perfectly. The ac/heater, the outlets, water, the only thing we can’t get to work on the interior lights. I’m so lost & I can’t figure out how to fix it. Help anyone?
  17. A

    15amp fuse for lights keeps popping

    As titled, I am having electrical issues with the lights. The 15amp fuse keeps popping. I have made sure all lights are off. I have changed the 15/20 breaker switch. My only other connection is the button switch that sits under the sink box and is pushed down to make the connection. We do not...
  18. Rhon88

    Please help with wiring problem!

    I have a 2008 Flagstaff 625d and our inside lights, water pump, vent fan, and toilet flushing system aren't working. The outside light works when the camper is plugged into shore power, but not on battery - none of it works on battery alone. The outlets, refrigerator, stereo, and leak detector...

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