1. MrsCrisG

    Will it kill the grass?

    Hi there, We're new pup owners. We've run through the freshwater system sanitization process and I need to drain my greywater. I was going to just open the drain and let it drain down my driveway, but it suddenly occurred to me that maybe the water/bleach solution would kill any grass it...
  2. ColoradoLizzy

    Do you lubricate your scissor jacks?

    I hope this is the right place for this question. There are many posts where people say they lubricated their jacks and then there are posts where people say that noisy jacks are good. So I hope this isn't opening a can of worms but I'm wondering about it.. we use a drill to put ours down and...
  3. Firstpopup60sVW

    Is this length of trim normal under slideout?

    Slideout has been danaged and in the shop. The service team has replaced rubber seals and in the area with arrow *see photo* they have trimmed this area flush with the slideout floor. Beforehand, it has always extended below the camper; I think, to wick water away from the slideout floor, etc...
  4. M

    Coleman Columbia 85 whiffle tree question

    Hi everyone- I just bought a 85 Coleman Columbia and I'm doing some maintenance on it and have a couple newbie questions: 1) it doesn't have the channel or tube that covers the whiffle tree. Any of you have an idea where I could get one and probably the pan lid that covers the channel? I'd...
  5. K

    2008 Coachmen Clipper Sport material question

    Hello. We just bought our first, new to us, pop up camper and i want to give it a good clean and condition so it is ready to go before we start camping. My problem is I am unsure of what material my sides and top are for the slide outs. I thought the sides might be canvas and the tops of the...
  6. Fshrmon

    Off Season Maintenance

    Greetings, Last summer is when we got into Pup camping as we ended up spontaneously purchasing the Pup from some friends who had upgraded. Since it's been new to us and I don't know the history of it, I've spent a part of our winter in the garage performing some maintenance on it, partly for...
  7. F

    Overall Tune Up 1999 Coleman Taos

    We bought our camper a few years ago in pretty decent condition with a brand new AC unit. The previous owner gutted everything so it is literally an 8 foot box with 2 bunkends. I built a few small bench seats for storage and to hide the electrical stuff but otherwise it is still open area...
  8. GMa Wee

    Cleaning frame and rails

    Hi, I'm Lisa from California and new to the group. And right off the bat I need help...pretty please. We just bought a 1998 Jayco Eagle 10 ST RD and are surprised by how much we dont know...but we keep plugging along. We have ordered replacement canvas and want to clean the frame (which have...
  9. KeatesCamping

    Maiden Voyage!

    This afternoon we are leaving to camp in our new-old pop up for the very first time! I have our manual printed out thanks to this site, and hubby watched setting up and taking down vids I showed him off youtube. We are calling this our practice run. It's only for two nights at a good Provincial...
  10. N

    Hello! Just starting fixing up a PUP I got for free

    I received a 1985 Viking PUP from a friend this weekend. It's in pretty decent shape, except for some water damage in the ceiling and a fragile, musty canvas. We'll have to replace that. I don't have any paperwork for it. It there some standard maintenance schedule out there that says how to use...
  11. MyName

    Replace or Grease the bearings - tips wanted

    Hi All, I think I should grease my bearings. I don't know when the last time they have been greased. Last owner was very dishonest. I jacked up the camper and the wheels rotated 4 times when I spun them. This sounds bad to me, but I have no experience I don't have brakes on the popup. I...
  12. W

    Can my pop up handle a long trip?

    ive only taken trips within a couple hours, but would like to explore a little farther from home. Thinking of dragging my pup from central Florida to western North Carolina. But am wondering if it will handle the trip? Doesn’t seem like our 2003 rockwood was constructed with the best...
  13. myride

    Wind Event?

    Well, 3 days into my annual 2 week holiday with my 7 yr old granddaughter we are on the receiving end of a "wind event".....have to love camping.... We were both in the screen room when the world came crashing down....BUT lucky for us the "big boy" parked beside us took the brunt of the...
  14. Maycat

    Newbie attempting to maintain 2000 Viking Saga Roof

    Hello! It's been 4 months since I got our trailer, and I have been very busy with job, second job and grad school. I am a newbie but am a firm believer in preventive maintenance. I was wondering if you kind folks could give me some advice on how to reseal this roof. I see that the side seams...
  15. S

    Maintaining Toilet 2006 Fleetwood Niagra

    Can anyone who also owns a 2006 Fleetwood Niagra with a holding tank not cassette toilet help us out? We are newbies so need a full rundown of using and maintaining the toilet and tank. Use any chemicals? Basic maintenance to keep it running and clean. Thanks!!
  16. Dback2k4

    Time to find a new Dealership

    I'm a fairly handy person, I usually do most of my own carpentry, cosmetic, electrical, and plumbing, but a mechanic I am not so for the past several years I've taken my pup into a local, family-owned dealership and service center for things like repacking bearings, brake work, etc. I've always...