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    How hot is the back of your fridge?

    Hello everyone, I’m the proud owner of a fleetwood Niagara. We have owned it since February 2020 and loved everything about it except the fridge. The original fridge never got below 50 degrees. I ordered a Norcold 3 way fridge and installed it at the end of last season. I’m concerned that...
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    Norcold 260.3 propane mode wont work

    Norcold 260.3 AC works great! Tried propane mode and pilot goes out when I release the safety button. I have gas at stove. I have the owners and service manuals. I have the pup set up in my yard-- could it be that the camper must be more level? Are Norcold fridge's that temperamental? Could it...
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    Norcold 323 Not Cooling on LP or AC

    The camper is new to me in Feb so I am not sure what was done before but it is 2010 Jayco so not too old. The fridge is a Norcold 323t and I have set it to AC for 8+ hours and it didn't cool. This weekend I tried about 5 hours on propane and same result. I got home yesterday and pulled it out...
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    Adding 3 way fridge to a 1993 Coleman Sequoia

    Hello, I am looking at buying a 1993 Coleman Sequoia with the standard 68 QT icebox. I have a Sun Valley with a 1.7 cu ft Norcold 323. I know that the Sequoia had a fridge as an option, does anyone know if the wiring is there? Also is there a vent in the back behind the galley in the factory...