1. V

    Someone Needs A Makeover!

    Hi everyone!! I’m new to the Pop Up Portal and to pop up campers. I just bought my first and she’s a fixer upper. So I’d like to get some advice and feedback on what I’m working with. Okay, here’s the situation (if you just read that to the tune of Parents Just Don’t Understand…you are my...
  2. Kelsey Arias

    1993 Palomino Filly: overhead lights stopped working

    Hey folks, We have a 1993 Palomino Filly that we are using for the first time camping this weekend as it’s new owners. We have set it up a few times in the garage and had no problems. When plugging it in at the camping site, the overhead lights went on for a second and then stopped working. The...
  3. Phantomchic23

    East coast USA hard side Palomino here!

    Hey all, Glad to be here. I'm Melissa. I'm 37. I live in CT. I've driven fully across the country 3 times now for vacations (along with many other partial trips!) I'm an experienced tent and car camper and I ADORE it. I've been on a lazy hunt for a van or camper setup for YEARS and just...
  4. Kelsey Arias

    first time PUP owners!

    So happy to be in this space! My husband (Josh) and I (Kelsey) purchased our first pop up for us and our two dogs, Graham and Meredith, this past weekend. Tent camping has been a blast but we are excited for this next step for our family! We live in Portland, OR and are excited to explore more...
  5. G

    Rollin' on in from Minnesota

    Hello from Fridley - Minnesota! We just purchased a 'new to us' 1988 Palomino Stallion in August. Back in the early '90s I went camping with a friend in her family's pop up, and enjoyed it! My husband and I have experience in tent camping, but we're looking forward to new traditions/challenges...
  6. Jackie J

    Hello from Beautiful Michigan!

    Hi everyone! I am Jackie from Michigan.[MI] During this weird time in the world I rethought my life. I realized that I wanted to live more, do more, have more adventures and add some fun to my life. I just purchased a 1991 Palomino Yearling.[suv&hy] The floors had been redone by the previous...
  7. J

    New Owners Need lots of help!

    Hi, Greetings from the Louisville KY area. My husband and I inherited a 2002 Palomino Pony Pop Up camper with water damage. The canvas is in good shape but the ceiling, the mattresses, all of the upholstery smells like mildew. Not sure about the electric and water hookups either. The...
  8. M

    New pop-up N00b

    Hello! My name is Michelle (from northeast Iowa), and I've been stalking this forum for a week, and it's been incredibly helpful! I've been eyeballing pop-ups for a while, and I just (very) recently purchased a 1992 Palomino Filly-LB. Might have bit off more than I can chew, a little TOO...
  9. W

    Palomino rear right corner won't go down last 4 inches...SOLVED

    Hi all. We're getting ready for a camping trip this weekend and I was lowering the roof yesterday evening and found that the rear right corner wouldn't go down all the way. I pushed on it and it wouldn't budge. I lifted the roof and lowered the roof about 10 times late last night until I...
  10. A

    New to me 1979 palomino

    Hi there from the beautiful state of Montana! Last year I fixed up this 1979 palomino pop in pretty good condition. Canvas is decent shape, I put in vinyl flooring, painted some interior and a little elbow grease. I’m new to the Pop up camper world so excited to start this year! The set up is a...
  11. W1SC0

    $600 - 1992 Palomino Colt (Worth It?)

    Hey all. I recently got a puppy and want to make camping a little easier so I've been looking at buying a used pop up. I found one near me that I think I can get for $600-$700. From what I can tell it's a 1992 Palomino Colt. Been owned by one family who used it one week a year. Stored...
  12. Hunt3rF

    1st pop-up - Palomino MXL hard side

    Hello! We are Hunter & Lisa. We love to camp and until this weekend have always used a tent, then the bed of my truck.. now we are getting too old for either so we decided to get a camper. End goal is a canned ham, but until then.. I recently bartered to own a Palomino MXL hard side. It needs a...
  13. G

    Exterior wall repair/replacement

    Hi there fellow campers! My husband and I were just gifted a 1996 Palomino Filly SDL camper from my parents. The exterior walls on the ends are toast (at least the back one is...the front may be reusable). I am doubtful that the exterior panel on the end can be salvaged due to rotting wood...
  14. JohnWittJr.

    Help identifying poles.

    We have a 1995 Palomino Mustang. We have 2 supports under each bed pull out, but does anyone know what these are for?
  15. ChaoticErika


    Hey all! My sister and I just bought our first pop up. We’ve always tent camped so this will be exciting, especially because we usually have 3 dogs with us. We ended up finding a 1987 palomino stallion. It really doesn’t need a lot of work, which is good. I’m sure you will see me on here a lot...
  16. W

    2007 Palomino Yearling wiring issues

    Hi All, First time poster. Self-confessed electrical novice, but I do pride myself on being able to apply Google/YouTube teachings into practical outcomes. That is why I am struggling to figure out the wiring issues in a second hand 2007 Palimino Yearling we picked up a couple weeks ago...
  17. W

    2007 Palimino Yearling Wiring Issues

    Hi All, First time poster. Self-confessed electrical novice, but I do pride myself on being able to apply Google/YouTube teachings into practical outcomes. That is why I am struggling to figure out the wiring issues in a second hand 2007 Palimino Yearling we picked up a couple weeks ago...
  18. C

    1989 Palomino MXL hard-side

    Hello everyone! Recently purchased a 1989 Palomino MXL hard-side. It does mostly work, the lift system needs a few replacement parts but I think I already sourced them thanks to this forum. Attached are the pics, I'll grab some more later when it's cooler outside.
  19. A

    Visit mostly Ontario and the Eastern US States

    Hello all ! We are a retired couple (yippee!!!). We have a 2008 Palomino Tent Trailer and tow with 2013 Ford Escape (2.0L Ecoboost). Blew a tire first time out ! Dealer told us to inflate to 80psi. Turned out that that was the MAX allowable air pressure. Learned our lesson on Canada's most...
  20. M

    98 Palomino Mustang 8 pin plug to 7 blade questions

    Hello All, I am new to the popup camper world. Growing up my parents had a truck camper and later a pull trailer and I never had to worry about if things worked or not. But now, being an adult with my own family I need some help. We have used tents until recently buying an old popup which needed...

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