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  1. J

    2006 Fleetwood Sun Valley - SOLD

    2006 Fleetwood Sun Valley in excellent condition with brand new tires (July 2022) and two new batteries. Has been used a total of 10-12 times. I bought it from original owner in 2010. Just camped with my adult children and they really don't want to do it anymore and don't want the camper, so it...
  2. 9

    Where to find new foam mattress covers?

    We recently purchased a 1992 Coleman Americana Le and found some mildew inside the zip up mattress upholstery. I found some threads with info on where to get new foam, but I can't seem to find fitted mattress sleeves that aren't custom. Please help! Thanks
  3. T

    Sink Hot water line replacement

    I have a Coleman Bayside Elite pop up. My hot water linefeeding the sink blew. I replaced it with clear tubing from Home Depot and it blew again. Hot water heater wasn’t running which I thought was the issue the first time with the water being too hot and an old line. Any suggestions on what...
  4. R

    Decal for vintage Coleman Pop Up Camper Trailers

    I've got decals for sale on my Etsy shop that match the vintage Coleman pop up camper sticker. Check it out! https://www.etsy.com/listing/1263694191/vintage-coleman-pop-up-camper-trailer?ref=SellerDashboard
  5. R

    Winterizing pop up

    We just bought a used Jayco Jay Series Sport 12SC. We want to be sure to take care of it properly. The temperatures for the next 3 days are highs of 45 to 58 and lows of 28 to 33. After that the lows are above freezing. Do you all think I need to winterize the water system? And if I need to do...
  6. R

    Coachmen Clipper Sport 108ST

    Do any of you have a Coachmen pop up. We are looking at a Coachmen Clipper pop up but have seen mixed comments. Do any of you have a Coachmen Clipper pop up? Please comment.
  7. AndrewsAZbaja

    New Baja in AZ

    So this happened. I sent my wife a post of a pop up for sale, she said to get it. She wasn’t joking and that one sold before I had a chance to look at it. Then another came up, and again sold before my turn to check it out. So then came a 2004 Jayco Baja and I jumped looked at it and offered the...
  8. Cynthia Powell

    Keyston Camplite Camper for Sale

    I have a 2001 Keyston Camplite Pop Up for sale. I am asking $3500, no lien on title. If interested please let me know. I am in Holland, MI
  9. 1

    1969 Cox Pop Up series 515 (I think)

    Hi. My parents have a 1969 Cox pop up camper. I believe it’s model 515. We used it about 30 times from the early 70’s through the late 80’s. Since that time it’s been under a carport and closed. It still looks pretty good except for the tires which obviously need to be replaced. I would doubt...
  10. Lady Mj

    Hello from WPA!☺️

    Just turned 50 from Western Pennsylvania & I would love to buy a camper of some sort. I am thinking a pop up camper for right now to park near my DD 5th wheel at her campsite. It would just be for me and my doggie. And actually I am thinking of putting my home up for sale, so I may need to hang...
  11. Rob69Alpine

    1969 Alpine Tent Camper Restoration

    Hello, this thread will be going over the process of restoring my 1969 Alpine Tent Camper. It seems as though only one other person owns one of these on here, and I cannot find any information about the campers or the company online other than a few advertisements off of popupcamperhistory.com...
  12. M

    1973 Starcraft swinger 6 project

    Help...Is there a type or brand of lifter systems I need to look for to fix my 1973 starcraft swinger 6? I also need the left lifter arm.
  13. M

    1973 Starcraft swinger 6 project

    Hi, first time camper owner here. I will probably ask lots of questions. Please try to be patient with me.
  14. Fshrmon

    Found a new podcast.

    Greetings. I hope everyone is doing well and getting excited about their upcoming trips. I wanted to quickly share about a new podcast, RV Out West. They are a new podcast and their episodes are short about 20-25min it seems. They even gave this group a shout out in the second episode which is...
  15. J

    Getting a 190c Skamper mobile

    Right now I have a 190c stuck in the up position, It seems as though the cable snapped in the winch system, but I’m not sure, all I really need to know is how to get it popped down so I can tow it, I can fix it later, if I dismantle the winch system and let the cable loose will it come down...
  16. OBG

    Selling a Vintage 1969 DD-8 Skamper

    Selling in recognition of the fact that the camper has been kept and unused in storage at my dad’s shop for about 15 years. While not strictly a “garage find”, it has been covered and remains stocked with cooking and sleeping equipment, and other camping supplies too numerous to list here. There...
  17. T

    New to pop ups heater and fridge questions

    Just bought a 95 jayco jay series. I think it was a good deal 1500 with brand new canvas. The guys said everything works except the fresh water tank burst, but included the new one he bought. Ill get to that later. Now i just got it home and decided i batter make sure it all works before i...
  18. jolielee


    My husband and I just got a FREE 1973 Jayco Robin from a friend. I plan to start working on it this spring! We are looking for the crank handle and the socket for it to go in to lift the tent up before I can really dig into the inside! any recourse links? Thanks...
  19. L

    For Sale Popup Trailer - Camel Oasis III Deluxe

    Location: Pennsylvania Price:$3,500.00 Condition of item:Good (Four Stars) - No major mechanical or body problems, Wear is consistent with age, May not look new, but looks good, Good tires, Clean title Location of the item:Bucks County Is delivery an option:No Approximate towing weight:1180lb...
  20. ree

    1982 Coleman Popup-(Newbie)Buffalo, N.Y.

    Hi Everyone my, nickname is ree Just short.. for my name.. Just bought my 1st "Pop Up Trailer" Its a, 1982 Coleman. ( $400) Don't know anything , a Real* Newbie ... yikes...:)