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  1. D

    Jayco Eagle 1995 pop up roof repairing cost

    I just got a Jayco Eagle 1995 pop up camper as my first time camper. I got it for $650 dollars . The roof looks bended toward the center . Does anyone have any idea how much it will cost to replace the roof ? What materials they use in the replacement ? What import at details should I have into...
  2. C

    New from Iowa

    Hey all! Experienced camper but new to pop ups! We’ve done a lot of tent camping. I’m getting ready to jump in to a Reno of a 1967 skamper! Super stoked! Hoping that I can get it ready by next season!
  3. A

    Newbie from Knoxville, TN

    Hi everyone!! My name is Amber and My husband and I just acquired our first pop up camper! We actually acquired it from some of our friends...for free! We are still doing research on it, but we believe it it’s a 1988 Coleman Chesapeake. (Not a 100% on the year though) Anyways, I’ve joined this...
  4. PSnyderL

    2000 Coleman Fleetwood User Guide

    Anyone have a user guide? Newbie with no guide!
  5. CChentfant23

    Fridge in Camper

    Does anyone have luck using their fridge on the pup? I’m struggling with the fridge getting somewhat cold to store my cold items.
  6. G

    canvas pattern?

    I recently purchased a Starcraft star master 1974 (ish) and the canvas has seen better days, it definitely needs replaced, so I researched suitable replacements and the cost is more than anticipated, being the handy guy I am, I thought that making my own would be a bit more cost effective, is...
  7. T

    Poles for my Pop Up Awning

    Hey All, Opened up my canopy and found no poles for the awning. Tried to buy some generic tent poles, but they could not hold up. How do I go about finding awning poles for my pop up? Thanks, ~Tim
  8. T

    City Water Leaking - 1993 Starcraft Galaxy 1224

    Hello, Another noob question. Getting ready to head out in a couple weeks and was testing the city water hookup on my new pop up. Everything seems to work just fine, except for one problem. Where the hose and city water intake meet, there is a constant stream of water coming out. Not sure how...
  9. M

    Should I buy? Repair cost?

    Hi! I am shopping around for a pop up camper, and I found a good deal on one that only pops up 3/4 of the way. Should I consider buying one that I can’t see fully? Also, if I do buy it, what is the general cost of replacing a hydraulic lift? The camper is a 1994 Four Seasons Yosemite. What...
  10. J

    Coleman Neon Replacement Canvas

    Hello from Connecticut! It was a warm winter here and the mice spent some time in my nice little Coleman Neon camper. Needless to say, they were not the best housekeepers and left it in a bit of a mess. Would anyone know where a replacement canvas can be purchased? All suggestions would be...
  11. S

    Refrigerator doesn't work?

    I just bought a 1996 jayco udk used but the refrigerator isn't running. There isn't anywhere inside or on the front to switch it on and after several hours of the power being plugged in it isn't turning on. Does it run off gas? Am i missing something?
  12. Hatchet0224

    1983 Coleman Shenandoah

    My wife and I just bought a our second pop up the first was a 85 Coleman sun valley it has major problems (I'm not gonna get into that mess ) the 83 we just got today we bought it as is for $750 from campers world it was popped up when we got there looks ok need some love it lowered really...
  13. K

    1997 duchman 1203

    I just bought an immaculate 97 1203 pop up and it doesn't have an owners manual does anyone have information on the old pop up?
  14. D

    1984 Palomino SXL - Trailer Weight?

    Hello All - I've been lurking here for a bit, but am growing dangerously close to pulling the trigger on my first pop-up, I am looking at a 1984 Palomino SXL - hard-sided pop-up. I am having difficulties tracking the trailer weight to ensure my 2014 Ford Escape is capable of pulling (2,000 lb...
  15. C

    New 2004 Fleetwood Tacoma Purchase Leaks on the bunk ends

    We are new to the world of Tent Trailer ownership and I'm afraid we may have made a poor purchase. We loved the layout of the tent trailer and that it had a king bed on each end, lots of sleeping space and lounging space. The floors are solid, power works, beds slide and it cranks up fine. But...
  16. V

    Where to find trim seal for door and bottom panels

    i have a 1999 Viking and I can’t seem to find anything as far as trim goes. I need the trim where body panels/siding is staples to the wood at the bottom. It looks almost like F Chanel but an L shape would probably work but can’t seem to find any. Anyone have any luck with anything I can maybe...
  17. S

    03 Starcraft Gemini

    Hey all. So we bought this camper a month or so ago and redid all the cabinets and floors due to rot, and are pretty much done, but today while cleaning the inside to prepare for her first trip. The ac fan shuts off after 5 minutes or so of running. The compressor is kicking on and off as usual...
  18. Sea_Family

    Olympic Peninsula Camper Family

    Hi everyone! After living in a variety of housing situations, our small family is trying out camper living for the first time, and boy did we pick a challenging place and time to start - the Olympic Peninsula and rainy season! We have an older pop-up that needs some renovation when the sunny...
  19. unclemark

    A nice weekend trip to Pomona Lake in Kansas

    Here is a short video from our weekender on July 27 to Pomona Lake in Kansas.
  20. 1

    Hello from PA, 1986 Coleman Sun Valley

    Snagged a 1986 Coleman Sun Valley off of Craigslist. Got 3 Camping trips in already! Looking to give it a update. Any tips on doing so would be greatly appreciated. Thanks