popup camper

  1. K

    AC doesn't cool unit is that normal?

    Late last Fall Our family bought a 1998 Viking, we have tent camped for the last 21 years and wanted to try a popup. This last week we finally made our first trip out and it was 85+. So we decided to try out the roof top A/C. Before we had left I taken the outside cover off to make sure there...
  2. PA-Scott

    No longer availalbe

    UNIT sold to first person who looked at it.
  3. G

    1984 Viking Little Gasser

    Hey Guys! My wife and I just bought a 1984 Viking Little Gasser CL 16(.5?) We're super excited to get started on giving it some new life, but as I'm sure is the case with many older trailers, finding parts does seem to be a little difficult. Does anyone here have recommendations for their...
  4. B

    Storage deck replacement

    I need to replace the cargo deck on my 2006 Fleetwood Evolution 1 & am looking for an assist for what type of materials are best including the wood base (assume this can be MDF or plywood), rubber grip top, rivots etc... Any help is appreciated!
  5. R

    AC leak in storage

    I have camped in my Viking 2007 popup twice now. It has not leaked when it was set up, but water is getting into my camper when it is packed down. It seems to be coming through the AC unit whenever it rains. The solutions that I see online are all dealing with condensation from the AC unit...
  6. I

    1973 Bethany Pop-up Camper Trailer for Sale

    Hi All, We were given a 1973 Bethany pop-up camper trailer for our wedding. The canvas and upholstery are in good condition. The previous owner replaced the top cover and headliner, the tires are in good shape, all the road lights work fine. It is useable as it stands now. We are selling it...
  7. Darren Lyall

    1992 Viking pop up Lift system question

    Does anyone know what this cable is on my lift system crank it's on the right side with the copper cable clamp on it it's the one broke. My lift system diagram doesn't show that cable here's the other side. the 4 cables are going to their respective corners this one doesn't show up on the Diagram
  8. BAPU

    2012 Flagstaff Bike Hauler PopUp Camper - Remodeled + Many Extras

    We are selling our 2012 Flagstaff MAC 228BH. Reduced to $6700. This brightly remodeled Pop-Up includes many extras. Canvas in great shape. No leaks or tears. Garage stored its entire life. Features a 2’ mesh steel front rack that is great for hauling bicycles, chairs, firewood, etc. Electric...
  9. H

    Need advice before making a final call

    I am looking to buy my first pup thru craigslist. Never used a pup before, just some rental trailer camping. I looked at one today. 2011 Starcraft Comet 1020 for 4K USD. Is the price right for this? Camper is in pretty good shape, power lift, AC, no toilet, mostly clean and dry all around and...
  10. T

    TT and Me

    We are leaving in May from Mr. M.I.M.A.L.'s nostril (Quad Cities, IA) and heading west. First stops will be around Yellowstone area, then north to Banff, then furthur west towards Washington state, down through the redwoods, towards Utah then Colorado.. eventually finishing up in Florida. TT...
  11. J

    Pop up crank slipping.

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site. I have a problem with my 1984 jayco swan. We have had it a few years now. It’s a old but a beauty. Problem seems to be the crank is slipping when winding up. Not sure if the teeth in cog are warn out?Or if the crank is slightly bent maybe out of alignment...
  12. M

    Is your new popup safe?

    Purchased a new 2020 Aliner. Unit was as advertised except 1 thing which turned out to be a serious defect. The jack wheel would lift off the ground while turning the jack handle and trailer (unloaded) remained horizontal. Since new and 1st RV seemed strange but decided that must be normal...
  13. SammieJo

    Introduction and 1st Time PU Owner

    Hello to everyone! We're the Hall family; Landon and Samantha, were from Gainesville, Florida[SUN] right in the heart of the "swamp".GO GATORS. My husband and I were recently gifted a (very) gently used 2007 Coleman fleetwood SantaFe popup [PU] from his brother. (How gracious) we always...
  14. Eric96-MI

    2018 Somerset Evolution e3 Off Road Pop Up

    One of the hottest, and well constructed Pop Up Campers on the market today. Long history from the early days of Coleman, to Fleetwood, and now the folks at Columbia Northwest. This Somerset Evolution e3 is a staple in the popup camping market...
  15. T

    Need a resource for finding this trim

    Hi All! This is my first popup and I'm doing a LOT of repairs. Right now I'm resealing it and fixing the trim and I can't seem to find once specific piece of trim online anywhere. I'm not sure if I'm looking under the wrong name or what. I'm located in Colorado, the Denver metro area and I'm...
  16. T

    Remodeling my 1978 Ticonderoga!!

    So me and my step father decided to completely remodel my little pop up camper I’ve had. Started with ripping out the floor and trying to make alittle bit more room. Little did we know the roof has been taking in water. So the roof is gonna need a complete make over! Canvas all around is in...
  17. Dawgboy

    my "new" 1984 Starcraft M800 pop up truck camper

    Picked this up for $2600US the other day to go in the back of my 91 Dodge with a Cummins. I wanted lightweight, simplicity, and low overhead, and that is exactly what I got with no frills. Just a stove, fridge, heater, and a cold water sink, plus two beds. Only real work needed is a re...
  18. Camper Gal

    Michigan Yooper

    We have purchased our 3rd Pop Up Camper. First one a Scamper Pop Up fully loaded, hot water, shower/port a potty area, three way refrigerator but an older model: this one got crushed by several huge pine trees falling on it in my son's backyard; where we use our camper. Hubby works in his...