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  1. M

    93 Palamino - Power converter issues

    Hello, I have a 93 Palamino pop up with a 6400a power converter. The battery should have juice in it but I am not getting power to my interior lights. Could someone here please help me with which setting I should be on on my converter? Also like to know other potential causes for lights not...
  2. BikerGeek

    Anyone know where I can obtain this connector?

    Connects my power convertor to the camper. 1 wire is out and I can't get the connector out of the plug to reconnect it.
  3. A

    Power converter buzzing

    Hello. We just purchased a 93 Jayco designer series popup camper. The guy we bought it from said the fridge does not work and it needs a new battery. We just got it home and discovered when plugged in the power converter buzzes very loudly even after being reset. The fridge does not work, and...
  4. S

    From Shokan to ...?

    We recently purchased a 2001 Coleman Tacoma pop-up camper. The seller is on the road with his new RV and unreachable. While he covered the operation rather inclusively, I failed to retain the where, when and how to use the power selection switches. Please help.
  5. OneGoodEye

    Replaced the battery, connected it................. nothing. Now what?

    So I'm on a steep learning curve here moving from car camping with tents to a pop-up. We recently purchased a 1998 Palomino Pinto-SG that had been sitting for a few years in storage. Mildew was minimal (some staining) but given the age it's less than I expected. Our model has a 3 burner stove...
  6. M


    Hi I bought an '88 Coleman Columbia a couple years ago. I have a power converter made by BW Manufacturers, Inc. Series 6400a, model 6403. The 12vdc is just an empty hole. The fusebox/breaker or whatever it is called is missing. What am i looking for & where can I find it? Thanks!!
  7. S

    Power converter recommendations.

    Hello guys. As you all know, I have purchased a 1976 Starcraft Starmaster 6. It comes with a power converter that is nothing more than just a small transformer, outlet, and 12 volt pop out circuit breaker. I’d like to upgrade it. My eventual plan is to add LED lights. I have already installed a...
  8. Blue411

    Power for PUP in driveway?

    Hey all! We are renovating our ‘new to us’ PUP in the driveway and it is too HOT. I want to plug in my camper 30 amp- but I need a converter right? I know nothing about PUPs and am learning now. I have an outlet in my garage. Can I buy a converter, which one??, that can plug my pop-up into the...
  9. Kobi1Kenobi

    Power converter problem

    I’ve got a 1999 Coleman Utah. While repairing a plumbing issue, I leaned against the step while kneeling on the ground. Felt an electrical shock in my arm. I checked with the volt meter and discovered 48 volts from the frame to earth ground. I’ve narrowed it down to the MagneTek Power...
  10. R

    1989 Skamper Power Converter

    I’ve been cleaning up an 89 Skamper 145c and when I got to the converter there were two wires that weren’t connect to anything on the 12v side. A white wire coming from the box (I’m thinking this is ground but could be wrong) and a black wire that I traced to the water pump. I connect the black...
  11. ChiefHart

    Power center replacement

    Installing a WFCO WF8735P in my 1993 Coleman Popup. The instructions are skimpy about some important items. First the size breaker that the DC section needs for power (30A or 20A or 15A). Second what is the 5-inch pigtail on the wire from the DC section that is identified as a branch circuit...
  12. Eric Navr

    Electrical help

    I just installed a wfco-wf8735 in my cargo trailer for 30amp shore power and to be able to use the onboard 12vdc lights already installed. My question is this..If anyone is familar with this unit, after hooking up the 12v olt side, I went thru and used a tester on the 12vdc circuits and found...
  13. Kitrina

    Test light help

    Hi there. Newbie camper owner who recently purchased an 07 Niagara and I'm currently working through some electrical issues. Kindly asking for help/advice on a few specific things: -I’m troubleshooting power issues from the battery (shore power fine but nothing on 12V) and wanting to test my...
  14. J

    New to PUP and have electrical issues

    We just purchased our first NTU PUP. We were told by the PO all lights and outlets worked. However once we got it home, I started up my generator and plugged the 30amp plug in. Only 2 of 4 outlets work. None of our ceiling lights work. The CO detector is not powering on either. All fuses are...
  15. Balthisar

    Power Center Upgrades and Adding Batteries

    So, I’m going to add some batteries to my 1991 Palomino TXL, which has never had them. I’m also going to re-wire and add a new power center while gutting the interior. This question is about “modern” power centers. My current, presumably original, power center has a rocker switch to switch...
  16. M

    Low voltage from the Power converter

    I am suddenly losing 12 volt appliances when I disconnect from shore power. The batteries are new, are fully charged, and I have checked most of the connections in the rig. All connections before the power converter are consistently reading 12.6 V DC. All connections after the power converter...
  17. K

    Battery help!!

    My dad and I just bought a 2006 Rockwood Premier. The guy never used it, and the electric winch to lift the top had gone out - he didn't want to fix it and so he sold it to us at a great price. We took it to our mechanic (the camper place here would not work on pop ups!) and asked him if he...
  18. Quijibo

    Replaced Power Converter - Elixer 30 out, WFCO 35 in

    Recently bought a 2007 Jayco 1207. Tried everything out in the previous owner's driveway, and all seemed fine. Brought it home, set it up and plugged it in, and was greeted by various beeping noises coming from the converter.... great.... First step, tested and then replaced the fried battery...
  19. jorgewolfe

    Starmaster Newbie

    Just purchased a 1978 StarCraft Starmaster 6 after years of tooling around in a 1971 VW Campmobile. It needs a lot of work! My wife is tackling the aesthetics and I am struggling to find info on the mechanics. Need to find owner's manual, iring schematics and such as well as some original photos...
  20. appalachiancurl

    Understanding the Power Converter for Dry Camping

    I need some help understanding the Power Converter. For the first time, I will be dry camping for a couple of days at the end of June. I have purchased and installed a Duracell (Group 31) battery which has been tested and is powering the lights in the camper when the Power Converter is switched...

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