1. T

    Help hooking up a blackstone

    Hey this is my first post, but been lurking for a while for tips but have a specific question for my situation. I have a 2005 Fleetwood Santa Fe pop-up camper that has a high-pressure line that runs outside. I would like to hook my Blackstone 22 inch griddle to the outside connection. I’m...
  2. Hey Now Bob

    Dometic Fridge 2193 on Propane

    Hey now. I’ve recently bought my first pop up. A 2018 Jayco Jay Sport 8SD. It’s in really good condition and I’m anxious to hit the road with my bride (25 years tomorrow!). Having a problem with the fridge on propane. When I hit the ignitor several times it takes a moment, but ALWAYS there’s a...
  3. J

    Dometic Fridge dead....trying to replace with a dorm type with propane

    HELLO ALL....We have a 2007 Coleman Niagara which has given us NO problems until the last week or so. Most important right now is the refrigerator....The circuit board is bad per an electrician friend who did a diagnostic on it. We do not want to invest $1200-1500 on a new Domatic 3 way fridge...
  4. mcgillclan4

    Can propane only half work?

    Weather cleared a bit here near Seattle for this weekend and we thought we'd go for a quick close trip knowing that we have a furnace to keep us warm. Getting everything out and set up. Is it possible for lines to certain appliances be clogged but not to others? The cooking stove works. But the...
  5. V

    Suburban SD3 Stove Assembly - $60

    I replaced the unit in my PUP, and this is the one I pulled out. Rear burners work, but the manifold valve for the front burner is stuck. You may be handier than I and be able to disassemble and diagnose the problem. Also missing the grate for the front burner. Tight propane connection, no...
  6. Vik17

    Propane regulator weeping

    Hey guys I took out my rig last weekend and to my surprise, I found that my propane system was not working. After messing with it some I noticed that the regulator is 'weeping' from the vent. I have this MB sturgis 2 stage regulator:
  7. C

    Robert Shaw Water Heater Not Lighting

    We have a 2013 Jayco 1207 w/ a Robert Shaw Water heater. I tried lighting it this past weekend and was unable to get the pilot burner lit. The gas was turned on at the tank. I tested the heater briefly in the popup and it got warm, so the tank had propane in it. We bought it from a dealer...
  8. D

    Splitter Not Working

    I have a propane tank that I’m connecting to two appliances with a T splitter. Only one appliance works at a time. I’m using the standard 3/8th hoses then I switched to the 1 inch hoses and now neither appliance works. My guess is that the 3/8th hose isn’t providing enough pressure and the 1” is...
  9. S

    How hot is the back of your fridge?

    Hello everyone, I’m the proud owner of a fleetwood Niagara. We have owned it since February 2020 and loved everything about it except the fridge. The original fridge never got below 50 degrees. I ordered a Norcold 3 way fridge and installed it at the end of last season. I’m concerned that...
  10. Balo7712

    Removing Propane

    I’ve been thinking of removing the propane tank/lines on our camper. A 1980 Starcraft Starmaster 1906. It currently only connects to the heater and the stove. I plan on removing the stove top from the camper as we will only cook outside. We tried the heater and it never did get warm. We will...
  11. S

    Starcraft Starmaster 6 furnace.

    It is finally getting cold here in northwestern Pennsylvania and it is time for heat. Anyway my pop up has a duo therm 65810-002. It seems pretty straightforward to use. I have lit it and turned the dial up and it heats. My main question is exactly how does this fanless gravity furnace actually...
  12. SFCamper

    Wasted propane on extension hose after shutting off

    Hi, we have been camping with our Aliner Ranger 12 for more than 6 months, over long weekends and over the summer and so far so good. Back in May we decided to split our 20lbs propane tank extension with a Y adapter to add a 20lbs to 1lb converter to use it on our outdoor Coleman camping stove...
  13. T

    Norcold 260.3 propane mode wont work

    Norcold 260.3 AC works great! Tried propane mode and pilot goes out when I release the safety button. I have gas at stove. I have the owners and service manuals. I have the pup set up in my yard-- could it be that the camper must be more level? Are Norcold fridge's that temperamental? Could it...
  14. T

    93 Starcraft Refrigerator Questions

    Hello, I just purchased my first pop up camper. It is a 1993 Starcraft Galaxy 1224. When opening the side panel to the refrigerator controls, I see there is a 12 volt on/off switch and what looks like controls for using the fridge via propane. The challenge is that I had the camper plugged...
  15. oceanstater

    Propane Stove Replacement Hose

    Taking apart my new to me 2008 Fleetwood Utah and finding a fair amount of broken or worn parts (broken bed rail wedges, broken water line to outdoor shower, etc.). Today's discovery was a kinked and cracked propane hose in the galley for the inside stove. Where do I find a replacement hose? Low...
  16. davekro

    Show us your propane tank art! :o)

    This is silly, but I know this forum is not above 'silly', so here goes... Have you decorated your non-covered propane tank? Show us some pictures. This thread was inspired by bheff posting a picture of his yellow tank w/ smiley face on another thread asking about tank covers. He said "I don't...
  17. R

    Propane Adapter?

    Hi! I am new pop up camper, but not new to camping. My question is about using a large propane tank for my cook stove and lanterns as opposed to the small green cans. What type of adapter and hoses do I need? Thank you for any info
  18. smb985

    Camp Stove

    We have a 1997 Rockwood. The original stove works fine. We are wanting to use a "Coleman" stove as a backup. I have the correct hose for the stove. A quick connect. There is not enough pressure to keep the "Coleman" stove lit. If the original stove works, am I looking at a possible pressure...
  19. CJNrsn

    Slight propane smell at tank when turned on

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum - we bought our first popup last Summer, a '98 Dutchmen. It's in pretty good condition, we've done some renovations and it should last us a while. Some canvas issues I'm working on, but with a 20 year old camper we expected to have to put in some work! I have...
  20. D

    Difficulty removing copper propane line

    Hello - I removed the old propane heater in my 1970 Starcraft Starmaster, however I am having trouble removing the copper line that fed that particular system. It sure looks like a wrench would loosen this, but attempting to rotate it twists everything and would bend the pipe if I continue...