1. T

    Norcold 260.3 propane mode wont work

    Norcold 260.3 AC works great! Tried propane mode and pilot goes out when I release the safety button. I have gas at stove. I have the owners and service manuals. I have the pup set up in my yard-- could it be that the camper must be more level? Are Norcold fridge's that temperamental? Could it...
  2. HappyTraveler

    Dometic 3-Way Fridge RM 7551L

    Hi Everone! We have never used our Dometic fridge before, but want to see if it actually works. Trying it on shore power/110 and it gets "cool", but I won't say cold. We're fiddling with the temp knob and have no idea which way makes it colder and which way makes it "less cold". The owners...
  3. S

    Any models with an outside fridge?

    Is anyone aware of a popup layout that has a fridge that is accessible from the outside? Most layouts seem to have the fridge under the sink, which I have 2 major issues with... 1. You have to get down on your hands and knees to put things in or take them out 2. The fridge is the first thing...
  4. S

    Any Issues...Buying 2003 PUP that has been in storage?

    I am considering buying a 2003 Rockwood Freedom that has been stored in a garage (never used) since it was new,! Initially, I thought it was a real opportunity, BUT now I am concerned that I might be buying future trouble. I realize that tires, battery, propane leak sensor and axel grease will...
  5. Dback2k4

    Replacement Refridgerator

    The 3-way fridge in my '99 Coleman finally croaked out this year. My brain started churning out some ideas once I realized that it wasn't worth the investment to replace it. Most of the time I camp in established campgrounds with power and when I am off-the-grid I use coolers full of ice, so I...