1. davekro

    DMV Registration 'Body Type' & PTI for PUPs in Calif.

    Some questions: 1) Are PUP tent trailers eligible for the 2 year (really low cost) PTI renewal program in Calif.? 2) If yours is in the PTI program A) what is the ‘Body Type’ on your registration? B) What is your PUP trailers’ closed & open lengths? 3) If PTI is not an option, anyone know if...
  2. D

    Deal Done, Not what you think

    Bill and I got to talking about life after the workday, and I mentioned that my GF andnI are saving for an HW with A/C and other amenities. Well, don't you know, Bill's got a small pop up in his yard. It was bartered to him a few years ado, but he's never registered in in PA. Knowing I wanted to...