1. M

    Help! Attempting to fix Coleman 1999 Santa Fe ABS roof

    Hi! I’ve seen a lot of helpful information here and on YouTube for repairing the Coleman ABS roofs. Ours cracked big time over the winter after only having it for one season. I tried to glue down the cracks and use the repair method I’ve seen lots of others use with the MEK / plastic...
  2. C

    Is the roof toast?...

    Hi Y'all. We have a Rockwood freedom, model 1980, built in 2006. We had to pack it up wet this weekend. After coming home we put it in the garage and I popped it up to dry out... Well as you can tell from the picture the garage door opener did a number on it. We have it insured... Wondering...
  3. N

    Fleetwood Utah end cap removal to fix roof?

    Howdy! My Utah has a small spot of visible discoloration/wrinkle on the interior ceiling in one corner, been there since I bought it years ago and hasn't gotten worse. The Alumitite roof had a small leak at the seam where the tracks are, and as a result I when I remove the rack track a little I...
  4. Fern Dweller

    snow camping

    Hope this board finds someone who can help. We have not done any winter camping and in Memphis get very little snow. We have had a trip planned for months for this weekend and it looks like we will be experiencing some pretty cold snowy conditions. Does anyone have thoughts on how much snow I...
  5. awbeltz

    95 Dutchman Duck roof side panel replacement

    Well at 5:30 this evening I decided to dig in. The entire side panel is rotted out, but actually not as bad as I had thought. Disassembly wasn’t too bad, but getting those damn staples out was a pain.
  6. M&M in Winchester

    2002 Coleman seapine gasket between roof and body repair

    Hi there So we just got this 2002 seapine and looking at doing some repairs. #1 The black rubber gasket between the roof and body has separated in a few places. Can I just glue it back on or do I need to replace it ? In one corner it is bad. Might have shrunk a bit. If I can glue it back on...
  7. W

    Will ceiling show roof leaks?

    I am in the market for a used pop-up and have been able to go look at a few over the last couple of weeks. Much of what I read and get for advice says to stay away from anything with a leaky roof. A couple of the pop-ups I have seen have what looks like "bubbling" or "ripples" on the ceiling...
  8. L

    Coleman Roof Type

    Hello! New to the forum. We have a 1999 Coleman Taos. We are having a hard time determining the roof material, as previous owners have recoated it with some sort of material. From all my research online it should be A.B.S. but our roof is not one piece, it had corner caps. Any assistance would...
  9. Tarkus

    Coleman ABS Roof replaced w/STEEL & other oddities

    Greetings everyone. After lurking here for a few days and seeing just how dynamic this forum really is, I decided to post my roof and floor fixes to share with folks. I have a 1998 Destiny Series 12' Coleman/Fleetwood Model 3281 Natchez with the dreaded saggy ABS roof. I purchased this popup in...
  10. Jim Keeling

    Rubber Roof..for popups.

    Anyone ever tried putting a rubber roof on popup?
  11. G

    Yet another Coleman Roof Redo

    After 2,000 hours of reading, I finally decided to Dremel/MEK/Grizzly Grip the roof on our new to us 2001 Niagara. I bought some airsoft BBs and went to work. The project went well. Given the 110 degree heat, kept in garage as much as possible. The house/garage is still airing out! Removed...
  12. C

    Is it worth it?

    I just recently bought a 1992 Starcraft stardust. The canvas was eaten through by ants and mice. The roof has water damage and the floor in the back needs to be replaced. I camp once or twice a year and picked this up for $500.00 before I saw the water damage. Is it worth fixing or should I...
  13. Denise Hassell

    2007 Fleetwood E2 Super cool Pup Super Bad Roof

    Holy cow I’m over my head. Or the problem is over my head….the roof! Just bought this really cool pup. Struggled to get it open (the gear box was hammered). It was finally wedged enough to stay up….and the entire rail that holds the canvas over the rear bed separated and fell off. Cant use the...
  14. K

    Roof won’t stay up

    Hi all, The roof on our Flagstaff HW27SC won’t stay up. It stays once we have it up and put the braces in, but obviously it should stay up on its own. It’s got an electric lift, seems to slowly click down as if the gear isn’t catching one we release the switch. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  15. rowdyrobby

    Suggestions for Aluminum Roof Rebuild

    I have a 2009 Fleetwood Taos that developed a serious leak from a roof rack. I removed the roof and have replaced all the interior foam board and luan. I am looking for suggestions for the exterior roof. Here is my plan: Bondo for the holes in aluminum skin. Dicor Lap seal for all...
  16. M

    Clean stains on roof

    Hey All, We had a trip last week where we had rain pretty much a whole day. This caused some wet leaves and tree debris to land on the roof of the pop up. I cleaned off the camper today and it appears the debris left some stains not coming off with the traditional dish soap and brush/water...
  17. vdotmatrix

    Re-installing canopy molding and butyl tape: what you would have done differently

    Well i have cleaned all the matching surfaces. I will pre-install the butyl tape leaving about 1/8” from the top edge that i will fill with a bead of the proflex rv. i can reuse the same screws or install new screws slightly shorter, slightly fatter. Many of you have done this job, but after...
  18. J

    roof and ceiling repair (aluminum shell, Styrofoam, then plywood)

    hi all, I found a soft spot in the ceiling, upon inspection, there was a lot of hidden damage and had to pull all the plywood down. there is just a couple of spots left that are paper thin because of the glue. I searched these forums, but still have some questions/clarifications I think...
  19. J

    Roof lifting higher on road side.

    Hello, I just got my Heritage Laurel lifting again after replacing a lift arm and the two rear cables. The issue now is that the road side is lifting before the curb side. The difference is at least a foot higher on the road side. Photos are linked:
  20. B

    Roof Repair with Self-Adhering TPO?

    I am finally starting to think about planning to get around to repairing my ABS roof. It does not leak - yet - but it looks pretty bad, and it is only a matter of time. I have read all the threads about this, and I don't really like any of the solutions. Too much work, nasty chemical, etc. etc...