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    Looking for advice re: selling a camper with lift system issue

    Hello fellow popup owners. I’m looking for some advice re: selling a a 2012 Rockwood Freedom 1950 (has a shower, cassette toilet, 15 ft closed/ 20ft open) with known, significant issues. Some background: I’ve owned this pop up for about two years. I’ve taken it out maybe 5 times, and at least 3...
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    How to price your PUP to sell it?

    We are going to get a new camper and want to sell our 2015 Flagstaff pop up. Where is the best place to look to get an idea of what we should sell it for? Any advice?
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    Make Repairs Before Selling?

    I have a 2004 Fleetwood Bayside. It appears that the roof has been leaking - there are wrinkles on the ceiling, rust in one of the lights, and mildew around the perimeter of the ceiling. There are mold/mildew stains on the canvas, which have been there for a few years. (I tried scrubbing it...
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    Hi all - haven’t post much lately - and haven’t used my popup for well over a year so decided to sell - 1997 Dutchmen 1204 with Cassette toilet shower combo and older Coleman AC on the roof. Camper was in great shape except for - you guessed it - the roof - with ABS pebble look roof. I...