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  1. K

    I made a "dinofa"

    Alright... I'm just gonna say it... I HATE dinettes. Outside of the 20-30 minutes you might sit down for a meal, I find them completely useless and uncomfortable. Terrible for chilling and watching tv on a rainy day. So I remedied my problem... introducing the Dinofa! This is simply an Amazon...
  2. Alisa

    Brakes question

    We are looking at a 1999 Starcraft Starmaster 1224 does anyone know if this unit has brakes? I was trying to find specs online but did not see anything. If not has anyone put brakes on one and how hard is it. Thanks!
  3. S

    1976 Starcraft Starmaster 6 Lift cable replacment.

    This has probably been beat to death by now, but I want to replace the lift cables on my pop up before anything else breaks. I have already found replacement pulley wheels. Home depot sliding door wheels, metal ,with ball bearings. Slightly bigger than the original wheels but I'm not afraid of...
  4. S

    Replacing roof vent on 1976 Starcraft Starmaster 6 with aluminum patch.

    I haven't been the biggest fan of roof mounted vents on any RV really. I guess I could see it on hard walled campers more though. Anyway the roof vent on my Starcraft is starting to leak. Cracks along the flange and cracked dome. Darn aged plastic. I found another on amazon. Unfortunately it is...
  5. K

    1987 Starcraft Starmaster broken cable

    Through research on these forums, i don't think it has a Goshen system. Does anyone know how i can find out more information about my years lift system? My pup manual doesn't list a name or anything to reference. I read on these forums that earlier model Starcrafts like mine had Starcraft brand...
  6. Regel

    1983 Starcraft lift pole bracket

    We are starting to put our Starmaster back together and can't seem to remember/find the brackets that hold the lift poles to the sides. Anyone have a picture or can describe them to us? We've searched everywhere in our house and I have a feeling we are just overlooking them. This is what we get...
  7. Syler

    1977 Starcraft Starmaster 8

    The roof on my 1977 Starmaster is sagging due to snow that I failed to clear off over the winter. I want to fix it by reinforcing the roof with wood cross beams. Here's a view of the 1" styrofoam being removed: (Styrofoam was glued to roof so this was a pain to remove.) IMG_0794 by Syler posted...
  8. D

    Snapped Main Cable & Crank Handle Bolts

    Hey all - I'm officially part of the "membership" as of yesterday as I pulled the trigger on a 1970 Starcraft Starmaster 8, for its age, in beautiful condition. My first ever pop up, and I can't wait to get out and use it. Today I attempted to pop it up for the first time and snapped the main...
  9. D

    1970 StarCraft Starmaster 8

    Hopefully looking at a 1970 StarCraft Starmaster 8, listed at $800. Owner states canvas has one small, but patchable hole, and a few screen holes, but plastic in tact on Windows. No AC, fridge not operable. From pics, body looks good. What do you all think of price point? Southeastern, US
  10. Bebe

    Remodel or Make over of 1984 Starcraft Starmaster21

    I purchased this with the understanding I wanted an interior project, something fun to do. I wanted something more vintage but in good shape. I had been looking off and on for over a year when my daughter came across this one so since it was close I rushed out to see it. I enlisted the help of...
  11. SoCalHusker

    Unable to Remove Ceiling Light Lenses to Replace Bulbs (Starcraft Starmaster 21)

    Okay, this is my first post and I feel a little dumb asking this question... but I am honestly baffled. I have a 1984 Starcraft Starmaster 21, with interior lights mounted on the ceiling. I need to replace a bulb that has burned out... but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get the...