1. L

    Corner wall floor rot - 1991 Palomino Colt

    I am having trouble rebuildimg the corner/wall of my 1991 Palomino Colt. The wood framing crumbled so I dont know how the three pieces are shaped/come together at the corner. Does anyone have photos of the frame of a similar camper?
  2. C

    Dutchmen king bunk support instructions

    Hello, I bought a 1997 Dutchmen 1001. It was raining cats and dogs when I picked it up do didn't get tutorial on how to set up the bunk ends. I figured out the Full end, but not the King end. Anyone have a video or instructions? Thanks
  3. MaxwellBV

    Shepards Pole and Bunk end Support Poles Needed - Where do I go/Can I make them?

    Hi Everyone! I have been a stalker for a while now - just trying to absorb all of the vast knowledge on this site. Today I need some advice more than ever. My 1993 Palomino MXL Pop Up camper (that was in mint condition) was broken in to - vandalized and a lot was stolen from her (yes, it's a...
  4. KeatesCamping

    Camping with chronic pain/illnesses

    I'm a genetic and hormone chronic migraine sufferer. I was just wondering if there were any other campers on the site who suffer from chronic pain or illness? Perhaps we could share tips on how we deal with our issues when we're away from home.
  5. Be-Ce

    Floor reinforcement/overlay?

    Has anyone ever overlay-ed a floor with an additional layer of support? Our floor is fine, but we are not what I would call a petite couple... I can feel deflection in the floor when we walk across it. I'm wanting to put in a new sheet vinyl floor covering and I thought to overlay it with an...