sway bar

  1. L

    Stabilizing sway bar

    We have lost the right stabilizing sway bar to our 1997 sunnyridge pop up. It is made by the company Reese. Where can we find a replacement. The bars are no longer manufactured.
  2. S

    Tacoma Towing

    Hello, my 2004 Fleetwood Yuma has GVWR of 2440 LBS + a few pounds I added in a roof rebuild. Its within the towing capacity the factory tow package of my 2015 Toyota Tacoma, but that goes out the door because I don't have brake assist to the best of my knowledge. I am about to embark on a cross...
  3. kcrouth

    Anti-Sway Bar for towing 2002 Coleman pop-up w/ 2015 Tacoma

    We have a 2002 Coleman Mesa popup which weighs over 2000 pounds and has a single axle. We tow it with a 2015 Tacoma Prerunner w/ towing package. We occasionally experience some sway and "wagging" at speeds above 50mph. I was considering adding an Anti-Sway Bar to our hitch (NOT weight...
  4. lynnmarie0123

    Sway Bar Necessary?

    Hi thanks to all who answered my newbie questions so far. My next one is : dealer is recommending i get a Sway Bar. That means a whole new hitch AND BALL too. Im towing with a hyundai santa fe SUV. pup WEIGHS 1450 dry - my SUV RATED for 2000 pounds. Im new to this - have never towed a camper...

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