1. whitbail

    2000 Utah: buying add a room

    Hi there, First pop up we’ve owned. We have the awning, I measured the bag at 11’4” roughly so I think it’s an 11’ awning. I found a used 11’ add a room kit that I want to buy. I’m just not sure if there is more information that I have to confirm for fit aside from the length of the awning. Can...
  2. whitbail

    Handle(?) on the ceiling?

    We have a 2000 Utah and I cannot figure out what this handle looking thing is on the ceiling near the front end. Anyone know?
  3. PuPOwner

    Looking for reputable PuP Repairs near Waldorf, MD

    I purchased a used 2002 Coleman Fleetwood (Utah) several years ago, and lent it to a family member who (sadly) never took care of it, and now it has significant weather damage to the storage box (plastic has large hole, and is brittle/breaks easily), as well as a loose back body panel and nearly...
  4. Dback2k4

    Road Trip 2021 - need an overnight stop in Utah or Nevada

    Hi everyone, Winter storm has me feeling blue so figured it was a good time to plan my mega road trip for late summer, 2021. The last few years have been nuts with work and family so I haven't been able to road trip at all and barely even camp. 2020 was supposed to be the year that changed...
  5. T

    Coleman Utah Awning and screen room

    So we bought a fantastic 2002 Coleman Utah. It came with a ton of extras including a camp chef and accessories. It also came with a brand new in the box from the dealer screen room. Does anyone have a video of setting it up?
  6. G

    1999 Coleman Utah wiring diagram

    I'm looking to add a battery bank and eventually solar to my popup, but I need to learn more about the existing wiring and I'm a newbie. I know from my reading I'll likely have to replace my very old CS 1200 converter if I want to do any upgrade. I do not currently have a furnace or AC in the...
  7. J

    Hello From Maryland

    In June we private party purchased a 2004 Fleetwood Utah GT for $1000.00, a fixer upper to say the least. Went it to the deal not knowing the adventure I was about to embark on. The roof interior and canvas had water stains on the back bunk end and the galley lift system support was broken...
  8. S

    New adventures await-Utah

    I just bought a 1984 Jayco 804-it’s tiny (single slide out over tongue) but in decent shape for being nearly as old as I am. I live in Northern Utah and enjoy casual camping adventures, but I’m tired of sleeping on (and getting up off of) the ground. Canvas looks great, already put on new tires...
  9. C

    Bearing size help please

    I have a 2000 Coleman Utah camper. I picked it up last year and the person I bought it from said that they never changed the bearings (didn't even know he was supposed to). I'm going to change them but not sure which ones to get. The manual gives 2 different ways. 1 with same size inner and...
  10. oceanstater

    I'm in!

    After reading a lot on this forum I finally have skin in the game. Found a nice '08 Utah, well cared for by 1 owner, and looking forward to some adventures with the kids whose summer plans have otherwise been cancelled. We're RI based and looking into trips in Northern New England and Canadian...
  11. C

    2007 Fleetwood Utah - Water pump leaking. WHERE IS IT!?

    Looks like our water pump is leaking in our 2007 Fleetwood Utah. It looks like it's under the "dining room" slideout, but I have no idea how to get to it. Does anyone have instructions, tips, or a video that shows how to get to it? Thanks! -=Rob=-
  12. R

    Need cover for Fleetwood 2007 Utah

    Hi all. Can someone please tell me where I can buy a cover for my popup? I've tried several brands but not fit well and they last about 2 years. I want something that fits right and lasts a bit longer in the hot Tennessee sun. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robert
  13. J

    2003 Coleman Fleetwood outdoor stove issue

    Hi my name is Joshua and I’m new to this forum, so I hope I’m posting this correctly. I’ve searched around a bit and it looks like this is a great place for information. I recently purchased a used Coleman Fleetwood Utah pop-up trailer and have a question. Everything seems to work except for the...
  14. S

    2001 coleman Utah Grand Touring remodel

    So it begins. My wife and I bought this camper knowing we were going to have to redo the top. Just before we sealed the deal we noticed the rear end panel coming a little loose. Didn't see any big deal with fixing it. Truth be told I planned on redoing the floor anyway, so didn't think much of...
  15. M

    2001 Coleman Utah Owners Manual

    Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I just purchased a 2001 Coleman Utah camper and we were looking for the owners manual or owner's guide. This is our first camper and we have no idea of the features and functions of this thing and of course we would like to know everything we possibly can about...
  16. C

    Replacing Anode Rod Coleman 2000

    We have a Coleman 2000 Utah. We just replaced the anode rod for the first time. The new rod doesn't thread in very far. Is this common? We used Teflon tape and don't have it in a place we can test it presently. Also replaced roof with Grizzly Grip and put on new gasket. Looks great!
  17. Carolyn1978

    2010 Coleman Utah - Lights won't work?

    Hi everyone... My husband and I just bought our very first camper! We bought a used 2010, Coleman Utah, and we love it!! We set it up in the driveway today, and for some reason we can't get the lights to come on... The electric lift for setting it up works fine, but the power inside won't come...
  18. SlinginIron

    2005 Fleetwood Utah?

    I am going to look at what I think is a 2005 Utah. (It has the cassette toilet) All of the online photos look good however, it is priced fairly low ($2000) and listed as a "handyman special". A couple of red flags have gone up but, I have not seen it in person. I have requested more photos of...
  19. MaeKay

    Central/Southern Utah with electricity?

    We were hoping to go to Moab, Ut this weekend but it looks like it will be raining so we might go the next weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to go or campsites with electricity where the lows won't go below 20F? We want electricity so we can run a space heater in...
  20. DiannaLee17

    Hello from Utah

    Hi everyone, Just a little about myself. Born and raised in Salt Lake Utah and at one time I lived in Washington, Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana and Virginia but South Jordan Utah is home. I have 3 children, two are married which have blessed me with 3 grandchildren. My marriage of 27 years...