1. M

    Replacement Winch

    Hello, I have a 1985 Jayco J-Series 705 pop up that needs a new winch. I found one on but it is used. Is there a winch system that I can buy new that would work in this model? Appreciate the feedback!
  2. C

    '98 coachmen clipper - replaced lift cable, not lifting all the way

    I just replaced the lift cable on my camper yesterday (which was much easier than anticipated) and now the roof will not raise all the way. I'm fairly new to the camper scene. It's a manual winch. Is there any type of limiter on the winch? It's also worth noting that it's noticeably more...
  3. T

    First PUP, Metal to metal contact on winch cable with trailer? Please see pictures. Thank you!

    Ok, so this is my first pup, first camper ever, and first post on this forum. I just purchased a 2008 Starcraft and the winch was bad, missing parts, I installed another factory OEM winch: There is a...
  4. sstressfl

    2019 Rockwood Manual Winch Install | Electric Winch Be Gone!

    If you remember, last summer while we were yard camping for a week, the electric winch started lifting our popup roof all on its own. It bent the winch mount, it ripped canvas from the roof... so to SAVE the week, I installed a local trailer winch which required a little cutting and a little...
  5. S

    Overcranked Lift Down, Unscrewed

    Hello, I am an embarrassed tent trailer newbie and am beating myself up for my stupid mistake. Was super excited to show my son our brand new Viking 2107LS tent trailer this morning and I started cranking away to lift the roof... the wrong way! It appears to have come unscrewed part way. Now...
  6. J

    Getting a 190c Skamper mobile

    Right now I have a 190c stuck in the up position, It seems as though the cable snapped in the winch system, but I’m not sure, all I really need to know is how to get it popped down so I can tow it, I can fix it later, if I dismantle the winch system and let the cable loose will it come down...
  7. B

    Shelby Winch 5438 For a 1993 Starcraft Starlight

    Hello everyone I accidentally bought a broken 1993 starlight pop-up camper. The winch system (Shelby 5438) is no longer working correctly. We had it serviced and they were not able to figure out the issue. It goes up but it will not stay up on its own. I have been looking into replacing the...
  8. sstressfl

    Bizarre Electric Winch Failure, PopUp Damage, Manual Winch Install | Covid Yard Camping Day 5 of 10

    Wow! I never liked the electric winch, but I never imagined it would launch its own attack. Massive all-day repair effort to save our at-home camping trip!
  9. B

    Power Lift Replacement

    Hi Everyone. I have a 2016 HW27KS. The power lift worked a few times but then upon lowering it stopped and started buzzing/humming. I was connected to shore power. I manually lowered it to get it back home. Now in storage it wont hum/buzz, it only clicks. As I am not electronically inclined, I...
  10. jberreth007

    Using a truck winch as lift for my pup?

    I have what I think is a great idea but want to run it by y’all. As we all know, buying a electronic winch specifically designed to raise and lower the roof on our pups is around $300 minimum. That’s out of my price range so I was thinking about using an electric winch designed for truck as my...
  11. E

    Winching a trailer into place... Insanity?

    Ok, so we bought the camper. Mint condition 2008 Fleetwood E1. She is sweeeee-eeet. But I can't get her where I need her to go. My driveway is steep and that's why we got an offroad trailer so it wouldn't bottom out. At the top, we have a rounded 3 way junction basically. You go up one...
  12. Kiddingaround

    My first pup mod (winch)

    Goshen winch is so expensive so I bought a cheaper one off ebay (DUTTON-LAINSON DL1402A) it was $40 it has a manual brake not the automatic one that goshen sells. Reason I needed another winch was the automatic brake wouldn't hold, and I seen that as a hazard... so here is the pics the...
  13. E

    Interesting winch problem, maybe?

    Here's a problem we just had that I have not seen described on the forums. We went and picked up the PU from storage and brought it back to set up in the cul-de-sac. I balanced it with Anderson Levelers, disconnected it from the truck, and verified all four roof retaining clips were released...
  14. K

    Battery help!!

    My dad and I just bought a 2006 Rockwood Premier. The guy never used it, and the electric winch to lift the top had gone out - he didn't want to fix it and so he sold it to us at a great price. We took it to our mechanic (the camper place here would not work on pop ups!) and asked him if he...
  15. JimmyComCom

    1984 Starcraft Starmaster broken cable - Right Rear

    We have a broken cable on the right rear under the trailer. There is one strand of cable left unbroken. With the pop-up down, you can see what seems to be the whole length of the cable under the trailer. Is this the winch cable? Is this an easy fix or do we have to run cable through the...
  16. A

    Carefree winch folding camper 1200lb manual 2017-07-31

    Manual for carefree winch fitted to most post 2010 forest river pop up campers that have electric winchs.
  17. S

    Carefree P55000 worm gear repair

    Hi all, I know there have been a lot of threads on the P55000 power lift. I have one and the manual override bolt has sheared off the worm gear. I'm wondering if anyone had successfully managed to repair this by either drilling out the old bolt and threading in a new one or by tack welding a...

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