1. D

    Replace battery wiring?

    I've got a 2015 Aliner Expedition. It has 3 terminals on the wiring that connects to the 2 posts on the Group 27 battery. I hooked them up wrong recently and burned up the wiring (fortunately, everything else seems to be OK, since all the lights and the fridge work on shore power). I have three...
  2. bayport

    Help identifying connector

    Can anyone identify this connector? It connects from the inverter to the camper fuses. I think they are all DC. We want to buy a male end for this to connect to our solar setup.
  3. C

    No 12v from Converter on Battery Power, Only on Shore Power

    My 2012 Rockwood Freedom suddenly stopped having any 12v power to the lights and appliances when on battery power. I think I traced the issue back to the converter as I followed the positive wire from the battery with a test light, and it still had power going into the converter with that red...
  4. D

    Inside Lights-not turning on

    Forest River 425D, 2008 We are redoing the roof! The old lights worked. We switched them out for LEDs, they worked as we attached them all. On a final check before closing up the ceiling, they no longer worked. The kitchen is flipped up and they are all getting power right to the...
  5. Daniel Schoonover

    1981 Coleman Valley Forge Light Battery Wiring Question

    I've taken care of my trailer external lights and now I want to tackle the wiring to the internal system. But this is what I have and it makes no sense. Does only one wire from the battery lead into the trailer? If that is the case I would assume the negative terminal just grounds? Why did they...
  6. Palomino Jeff

    Help! Wiring harness hack job has failed!

    Hi all - my 2000 Palomino Colt came to me with a taped up wiring harness that has finally failed. There's definitely a short in there, so I finally took some photos and dissected the sticky tape monster. It's a 4 way flat connected to my vehicle (although I have 6-way round there as well)...
  7. Apanapa

    Porch lite

    Hi there, I have 2000 Coleman Fleetwood Fairview and my trailer porch light does not work. All fuses are good and others electrical things good. Looking for electrical diagram. Thanks
  8. J

    The latest episode of 'Jim is horrible at trailer wiring'.

    My trailer light cracked and popped off. It's 4.5 x 8.5. I thought I could easily replace it, so I looked that up and found a couple lights that fit. One has a reverse light: Bargman Trailer Tail Light - 5 Function - Incandescent - Rectangle - White Base - Red/Clear Lens Bargman Trailer Lights...
  9. Larry Alexander

    New battery system on 2007 Flagstaff LTD 206

    I purchased a 2007 Flagstaff LTD 206 last fall and found that the battery system had been removed, and I wish to try and reinstall it. Has anyone done this install from the converter out? What items would I need to complete this job? I am also considering a solar charging option as well. I...
  10. PopUpNorth

    Need confirmation that my power converter is dead

    Hello everybody, Got a 2005 Palomino Yearling last summer and we love it! We made our first trip of the year last week end where we ran everything from the battery + propane and everything worked fine. Last summer, it also worked fine when we hooked it up on 120v. We popped open the camper...
  11. I

    Magnetek 6620 converter

    My 1996 Starcraft has a 6620 Magnetek converter. I have checked and triple checked the battery. It doesn’t seem to be the problem. The electrical worked inside the trailer last season but I cannot get it to work when on DC this year. All lights work when hooked up to AC. The manual isn’t much...
  12. B

    Low Profile 12V Connector?

    While I have the cabinets pulled out, I would like to six or eight 12V ports spaced along the walls and cabinets. The standard cigarette lighter plugs seem too deep to fit in the narrow space between the interior walls and the outer shell [it is a bit hard to believe that cigarette lighters are...
  13. kcormier19

    Can't find this 12v wiring harness anywhere

    On most pop up campers there is a wiring harness where the black and white wire go from the base of the pup to the top of the pup. It will be feed through a small channel sewn into the canvas. It is usually located on the street side rear of the pup. There are two plugs on this wire, one at the...
  14. BikerGeek

    Anyone know where I can obtain this connector?

    Connects my power convertor to the camper. 1 wire is out and I can't get the connector out of the plug to reconnect it.
  15. D

    Battery setup in Coleman Columbia

    Hi all! My wife and I bought an old Coleman Columbia last year and have been updating it. It does still have the original converter that seems to be in good shape but there is no battery and no wiring running from the front of the trailer to the converter. I bought a battery but am not sure what...
  16. BikerGeek

    Wiring Diagram 2002 Yuma

    I've searched through the various documentation and haven't been able to find a specific wiring diagram for my Yuma. I want to rewire from the Battery to the converter and am just curious as to the length of the wire needed. I assume it's 10 AWG wire. Anyone done this before?
  17. W

    ELIXIR ELX-20-240 issues

    Hi All, I have an ELX-20-240 converter. I get AC power into the PUP but no interior 12v appliances. At least one of the two batteries is providing a charge. When I place one to two of the circuit wires on the positive battery terminal the converter lets out an audible sound. While the manual...
  18. W

    2007 Palomino Yearling wiring issues

    Hi All, First time poster. Self-confessed electrical novice, but I do pride myself on being able to apply Google/YouTube teachings into practical outcomes. That is why I am struggling to figure out the wiring issues in a second hand 2007 Palimino Yearling we picked up a couple weeks ago...
  19. B

    2005 Rockwood converter issue

    Hi all, I have my generator hooked up to my trailer when all of a sudden the ceiling lights, pump and ceiling fsn stopped working. I checked all the fuses, nothing. put a volt meter across fuse terminals, no juice. 120 works fine. exterior 12v light works, but nothing interior. is there a...
  20. W

    2007 Palimino Yearling Wiring Issues

    Hi All, First time poster. Self-confessed electrical novice, but I do pride myself on being able to apply Google/YouTube teachings into practical outcomes. That is why I am struggling to figure out the wiring issues in a second hand 2007 Palimino Yearling we picked up a couple weeks ago...