10 yrs since I lost my Mom

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    Hard to imagine but it's now been 10 yrs since I lost my Mom to a sudden heart attack. I sure remember New Year's 1999 because of the blizzard we had and then the 20 below zero temps following. During this time is when Mom passed away. Dad ended up passing about 3 months later. He was lost w/o her.

    Mom was in the Navy and Dad was in the Army in WWII and had quite a life. I'm truly blessed to have the Mother and Father I did. I've hard Tom Brokaw (was it?) refer to the WWII generation as America's finest generation. My parents are part of what identify that group to the rest of us.

    They are what gave me a life long love of nature and camping. They also showed me by example how to be a good parent.

    I love you both and thank God for having you in my life.

    Me 42,DW 30 something
    DD 12, DS 8,DD 7
    '98 Jayco Heritage Yosemite
    Mahomet, IL

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    Very nice sentiment.

    It's amazing that we never forget. My natural Mother passed away when I was a child - about 36 years ago and there is not a January that passes that I don't think of that night back in 1972.

    Marlene, Tom, Nic, Spencer & Sassy (K-9)
    1999 Rockwood Freedom

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