1969 Alpine Tent Camper Restoration


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Apr 27, 2021
South Carolina Lowcountry
Hello, this thread will be going over the process of restoring my 1969 Alpine Tent Camper.
It seems as though only one other person owns one of these on here, and I cannot find any information about the campers or the company online other than a few advertisements off of popupcamperhistory.com. Luckily I have 2 original brochures that were left in the camper along with all of its original paperwork like warranties and other things, but if you have any information about the company or the campers that would be greatly appreciated.
An overview of what work that I know needs to be done is:
Fiberglass repair on the roof - my idea is to get one large fiberglass sheet that covers the entire roof instead of making many small patches
Mold clean up on the inside of the roof - thankfully the mold is dead, and not black mold
Clean up of canvas - possibly replace it if no longer waterproof or mold has damaged it to badly (if I have to replace it, how should I go about doing that?)
Cut a new counter top for the stove and sink - old one disintegrated due to water, saved the plastic sheet on top to use as a template and put on the new top.
And probably more, as it hasn't been fully opened in 2 years, and we never checked electricity, water, or gas systems to see if those work at all.
I have included pictures of the camper as well as the page of the brochure that outlines the specific model of the camper.
I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons: I wasn't allowed to have a project car, it would be really nice to have a decent sized camper that is easy to move around, I want to go on a road trip with a few friends (& we don't want to pay for hotels or sleep on the ground), and it would be nice to go out and camp with my family.
I plan to get started on pulling it out and assessing any other problems in a few weeks, because in the meantime I have my finals.


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