1970 (or 69?) Wheel Camper, Chuckwagon 712

Larry Riker

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Jun 10, 2022
Pop-Up Camper, complete with a unique, six foot pull-out, fully equipped kitchen, including a three burner propane stove and two large storage spaces below the counter tops for your pots and pans and other kitchen related supplies. The complete kitchen is also fully accessible from inside the camper, say for severe inclement weather use.

We have owned this camper for many years and kept it carefully stored inside our garage, jacked up off the tires, when not in use, since 2006.

The unit would be advertised to sleep (7). Yes, possible, but with little room is left for your “stuff”. It is comfortable sleeping four adults and maybe one or two little ones.

The camper is in unusually very fine condition: all canvas, vinyl windows, zippers, mosquito netting, main steel under frame, undercoating, inside cushions, mattresses, 12volt and 110 volt lights and running gear are in very good condition.

Modifications - Removed the Ice box and Water tank, made room for the port-a-potty for use inside the camper, a 12 ft by 16 ft kitchen and dining area tarp that will completely cover your pull-out kitchen and a large picnic table , adjustable tent poles, rope and stakes, also, a smaller “travel tarp” that may be used for brief stops while traveling. Also included is a steel, critter proof “food box”, 19” x 19” x 12”deep, that can be left outside to store all non-perishable food items. Custom built trailer dolly with 13” diameter by 4” pneumatic tires.

The folded camper, ready to travel, measures 130” overall long plus 30” hitch extension x 81-1/2” overall wide x 43” high. The proper camper set-up, and folding-up, is simple, and requires two adults.

This camper runs on large 5.30 x 12 wheels. It weighs 1380 lbs (brakes are not required) with a 2 inch ball hitch. This trailer always trails very smoothly down the road. All running lights work fine.

Let me know how you like it. I'm thinking about finding a new owner that will cherish it as much as we have.


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May 31, 2018
Maybe better to post it in thr for sale section? Its a cool older pup and I always though the pull out kitchens were ahead of there time. Shame they dont make them anymore.