1973 starmaster 6 lift system full replacement


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Mar 27, 2007
bought the camper 2 weeks ago and finally have it up to get a good look at it.

Photos -

I need to replace everything - possibly some of the pulleys are still good, and I have the rusty center connect harness, but all the wire is trashed. the winch is rusty but works well, and the jack works, but has no wheel.

On my old 76 starlite, when the top was winched up there was a 'safety bar' (for lack of a better term) that was attached to the cable and dropped into a hole in the cable channel to 'catch' the top from unwinding if the winch let go for some reason. Since this model doesn't have the center channel/bar in the tongue for the winch, there is no place for this safety catch (unless it is UNDER the camper box itself, and I haven't found it yet.)

Does anyone have any diagrams, plans, etc that they could refer me to to repair this? I've repaired 3/5th of a lift system before (2 rear cables, some pulleys and the main cable) but it was a different camper and a long time ago. I am great at following diagrams, and pictures, but have a hard time with word instructions, esp as the technical terms aren't going to be familiar to me.

I'm also going to have to replace some rotted ceiling panels and ceiling box sides.

Suggestions welcome!



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Jun 5, 2005
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Try Starcraft! They are really good about supporting older systems. Perhaps they have a manual you can get.
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