1979 Coleman - Sacramento, CA.

hey neighbor, find some good places to take your pup yet?

Haha. Funny you said that. I’ve been a backpacker and tent camper my whole life and am just starting to look for places to go and I am supprised that most places we usually go are primarily tent only sites. There are a few little gems tucked off of Hwy 50 and a bunch on Hwy 88. Most don’t take reservations so it’s a craps shoot. What about you?


Aug 5, 2022
Still have your Valley Forge?

I’ve just started restoring my daughters 1979 Coleman Valley Forge popup. Original graphics and/or lettering is impossible to find for these old gems, but they can be replicated in today’s digital world if you have a good photo to start with. So, if you have a decent example of the unique VALLEY FORGE lettering, as shown on the attached photo, I would greatly appreciate a closeup photo of it.

Another item on my want list is a set of original 10” press fit pointed hubcaps, as shown here as well. Do you have any to spare and/or have you found any hubcaps that fit the 10” rims?

Thanks in advance for your input. 22D8A1A3-7F6E-44DF-BEA4-146B47B17D58.jpeg F57FCB84-03F0-4F5B-8823-277CB7515E5E.jpeg