1981 Starcraft

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    Anybody have one or had one in the past? Found one on CraigsList...wondering about pros and cons. We're on the hunt for a fixer-upper for our neighbor who wants to graduate from tent camping.


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    I have a '68 Starcraft Starmaster 8. It's our first (and only) camper so far.

    Check the roof, floor and walls for soft or rotted wood.
    Check the cables for fraying/damage/binding.
    Check for signs of water leaking in(new or old).
    Check the canvas for rips/holes/dry rot.
    Check that there's a clear title!
    Check the age of the tires- trailer tires rarely wear the tread down, they deteriorate from the inside out over time. You can search here or elsewhere for info on how to interpret the serial numbers on the tires.
    Check the lift arms for damage/binding.
    Check that the roof raises and lowers smoothly and easily (within reason for a 28 year old trailer).
    Check for mouse damage to the cushions/beds. Mattress foam can be much more expensive than you might think.
    Check that all the appliances work.

    I'm sure others will add more as they think of things.

    Good luck with it!

    Don't forget- there's Starcraft manuals available here for download. There may not be one for your exact year, but these campers changed very little over the years. It was mostly just cosmetics.

    We have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?
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    Mar 9, 2009
    I just picked up a 1968 starcraft constellation off craigslist, got it cheap to , it has the hard tops over the wings its is pretty good condition as well, just gotta give it a good look and check for any damage like what Big Kid said in his post

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